June 29th – July 5th, 2015

Content, like linking, is a fundamental element of SEO. As with links, there are different camps of opinion on how content should be implemented. Content is your main channel for putting keywords on your law firm’s Web pages and it will also attract links, prolong visits, convey your credibility and convert visitors into customers. Therefore, the content of your site is really, really important. Google changes the rules on its content-related algorithms from time to time, so it is important to keep auditing your website and make sure all your content is in tip-top shape.Search Engine Journal has a lot of good advice on content this week. You can also read SEO guru Neil Patel’s content writing recommendations from his Quicksprout Blog.


How to Ensure Your Content Meets the Standards of Google’s New “Phantom Update”


The first Search Engine Journal article about content opens with a warning that sites fall foul of Google algorithm changes. Even the big players in SEO can lose rankings because of an unforeseen algorithm change, so you should expect that type of surprise for your law firm’s site from time to time. The article lists the bad aspects of your content that could be dragging your rankings down. The key factor is quality of content. Law firms shouldn’t face too many problems with these criteria because it is impossible to talk about legal matters without covering something important. The article touches on the issue of length of content on each page. This is a big factor in the industry right now with many sites switching over from the standard article length of 500 to 600 words to longer pieces of 2000 to 2500 words.


13 Important Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Blogging


Neil Patel runs his own SEO consultancy. He also writes his own blog and is a frequent contributor to SEO news sites. He never writes any article below a 1,000 word length. This article is a long one, and gives you some idea about the length of postings the experts aim for. Neil gives some strong tips about creating content for your site that will engage your target readership. Knowing your audience is key and giving them quality information in a format and language they understand is the way to win clients for your law firm.


How to Leverage Content Marketing for Lead Nurturing


The main aim of your law firm’s website is to get clients. This article covers the concept of the sales funnel to drive visitors towards making a commitment and hiring you. It is a basic rundown of the various formats of communications that the digital world offers. You should think about how to encourage people to give you their email addresses so you can then try to keep them interested through an email campaign. White papers are a particularly good idea for legal firms because the enquirer will download a document with your name and contact details all over it.


Five Types of Content that are Changing the Digital Marketing Game


This article is a list of different presentational formats that will grab the public’s attention. The first on the list is the infographic, which you would have seen mentioned in all the other articles in this week’s review. The infographic was a hot format about a year ago, but now it is old news. Podcasts and video seminars would be really good channels for the public to get to know the practice experts in your firm and establish trust.


13 Tools to Automate Your Content Marketing


These days everything to do with digital marketing has a ton of tools available to make tasks easier. If you are running your own firm and are too busy with your legal casework, you probably would appreciate the time-saving benefits of automation. Scheduling tools for emails and social media are particularly useful, and anything that can give you a comparison between your content and that of your rivals will help. However, the basic rule for quality content is that it should be engaging and error free – which is something only a human can produce.

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