Everyone in SEO will tell you that content is a vitally important part of your law firm’s digital marketing strategy. It contains the keywords that your Web pages will rank for, it attracts links from other sites, it keeps people on the site, and it delivers your sales pitch.  But how should that content be presented? There are lots of ways to communicate with the general public by the written word – not all of them will be on your website. This week’s SEO Trends review looks at the different ways you can present your content in order to persuade someone who is looking for legal services that he should hire you.

Search Engine Journal is packed full of new items about content formats this week. You will also get some tips from Search Engine Watch.

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The Ultimate Guide to E-Books

E-books can be used to great effect. They demonstrate your authority on a particular topic and they are very suited to complicated subjects, like aspects of the law. When someone downloads an e-book from your site, you can bet they are grappling with a legal problem, and you want them to hire you to sort it out. The e-book should have your law firm’s name printed on every page and should have all of the firm’s contact details on it. Better yet, make the downloader enter his email address in order to get access, then you can put the address in an autoresponder and maintain your visibility through a series of advisory emails – James Attorney Marketing uses this technique.

12 Amazing Email Marketing WordPress Plugins

This article is a useful follow up from your studies about e-books. Here you will read about a range of email marketing tools. The article starts off with a good explanation of why email marketing should be used by businesses. This will help you feed through the list you build up through your e-book distribution mechanism and keep in touch with potential clients. You will advise them until they give in and hire you. The article is particularly slanted towards WordPress integration with mail tools. If you don’t want to use WordPress, this article is still a useful read, just for the rundown it gives on the tools that everyone else is using. If you are interested in WordPress, then the next article in today’s review will make for some good reading.

WordPress Used On 1 in 4 Sites on the Web Today

This article is included in our discussion of content formats, because WordPress is the foremost medium for creating blogs, and it is also classed as a “content management system” (CMS). If you expect to put a blog on your law firm’s website, you will probably end up using WordPress to manage it. It is the most widely used CMS on the Web at the moment.

Google AdWords Introduces SMS Remarketing, Holiday Structured Snippets

Remarketing is the hottest topic in SEOville at the moment. It is about as hot as mobile-friendliness was back in April. So, putting together remarketing and mobile applications makes this headline so exciting that I just got a nosebleed. Unfortunately, the article itself is not as exciting as the headline promised. Remarketing is like stalking applied to advertising. However, this Google facility merely notifies mobile phone users when there is a new piece of news posted to your website. That’s not quite the same as remarketing. Also, you don’t get access to the enquirer’s number, and they only get notifications about your law firm if they opt in. So it’s more like a Twitter feed than remarketing.

Download our free guide and learn about the importance of key performance indicators (KPIs)

How retailers can use how-to guides for content marketing

The How-to format could work so well for law firms, but no one seems to be using it. You could post articles on how to do certain legal things – how to change your name, how to write your own will, how to sue your neighbor. This may initially seem to be giving away tricks of the trade and cannibalizing your own potential turnover, but it isn’t. Anyone who wants to do their law work themselves probably won’t hire anyone anyway. Also, you probably have already realized that John Doe just isn’t allowed to perform legal work, so your How-to will probably include “Step 4: Contact Goldblatt & Heinrich to hand over all the documentation you collected.” This is a way you can get potential clients to prep all the casework for you, and once they have done all that ground work, they will have no alternative than to progress onto hiring a lawyer. It’s a slam dunk.

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