September 7th – September 13th 2015
Google dominates the search engine world and so that company’s algorithms tend to drive the art of search engine optimization. There have been so many tweaks and added filters in the Google algorithm over the past few years that many great SEO tricks have since become defunct. In some cases, SEO tricks that could once get you to the top of Google’s search results will now get you penalized. For these reasons it can be a good idea to review your law firm’s SEO strategy from time to time. Reexamine exactly why a specific aspect of your digital marketing effort seemed like a good idea and check that the advantages it was supposed to bring still accrue. Search Engine Watch,Search Engine Journal and the Quicksprout blog have some good advice on the changing world of SEO this week.

Demystifying SEO: How to Skyrocket Your Traffic Through Schema Markup

SEO guru, Neil Patel, opens this enlightening article on his Quicksprout blog with the news that keyword stuffing is no longer a good idea. Not so long ago, the main tactic of content marketing revolved around keyword density. You identified the keywords you wanted a page to rank for and then you repeated those phrases as often as possible in the text on that page. There were also coding tricks that can hide the keyword repetition inside the HTML that makes up each page.

Which Components of a Site Should Absolutely be Marked up with Schema?

Over at Search Engine Journal, Lee Wilson, gives more information on schema markup. This guide has lots of links through to, which manages the standardized tags you need in order to add this feature to your law firm’s Web pages. All of this information, together with Patel’s article on the topic should be enough to get you familiar with schema markup.

5 Killer SEO Tactics of Yesterday That Will Get You Killed Today

This is a long article that extends over three pages, but it is well worth the time it will take you to read it all. Number one on the list of old SEO tactics that are now bad is keyword optimization, so that chimes in with Neil Patel’s opinion on the topic. Number four on this list of bad ideas concerns the “nofollow” attribute on links. You will probably find this all over the HTML of your law firm’s website, but you shouldn’t go to too much effort to remove it – it doesn’t help your site at all, but it doesn’t harm it either.

How Social Signals Affect Your SEO

If you planned your law firm’s digital marketing strategy more than three years ago, chances are you probably haven’t worked in much input from social media. Google has been examining the impact of social media a lot over the past few years, so this guide will help you examine how to get social media working to get you clients.

The Current Status of Google’s Penguin Algorithm

The two Google filters that keep SEO consultants awake at night are called Panda and Penguin. Panda focuses on quality of content and Penguin is more about the quality of links. Penguin covers various aspects of links but is particularly aimed at link farms. Unfortunately, a lot of directories got hit by Penguin as well. This article gives an interesting rundown of the history of Penguin and relates how a consultant strove to recover a site’s rankings after getting hit by it. Root out all of the links that feed into your law firm’s website and disavow any that look spammy.

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