The social media platforms have all generated news this week. Competition is fierce in this category of digital marketing outlets. The rise of Instagram and Pinterest and the tumble of Twitter earlier this year have caused all social media businesses to go back to the drawing board. The retooling of these companies is starting to see the light of day. Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal and the Search Engine Land’s sister publication, Marketing Land are all full of stories of changes in the social media world this week.

Google Phases Out Google+ Even Further – Or Does It?

Google+ was Google’s attempt to trample into Facebook’s territory. Despite several unfair tactics tried by Google to get its social media platform to the top of the pile, the search engine giant seems to be losing interested in its social media sister. You probably have a Google+ profile for your law firm.  Not so long ago, a Google+ presence was a sure fire method to improve your business’s rankings on Google. Now, the main topic of conversation among Google watchers seems to be when the corporation will finally pull the plug on Google+.

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Pinterest Reveals Its User Numbers: 100 Million Monthly Actives

Pinterest is the new dog in the fight that has got all the established social media platforms running scared.  The content curation system still keeps making all the right moves, and scaling to the top of the tree. This report shows that Pinterest is still on its relentless march towards total social media domination. However, it is still difficult to work out how the Pinterest picture-based format could be successfully applied to marketing a law firm.

Advertisers’ Spend On Facebook Retargeting Up 31 Percent YoY

Retargeting is a very effective method of chasing after casual visitors to your site who don’t buy straight away. This marketing technique should be very effective for law firms and it wasn’t really possible before the Internet. Social media is a particularly powerful channel for retargeting and as the king of the heap, Facebook is the most effective platform for the practice. Here, we read that advertisers are piling into the practice at an increasing rate. This is certainly a trend that law firms should follow.

Facebook Like And Share Buttons To Power Ad Targeting Based On Sites And Apps Users Visit

Here is an improvement in Facebook’s marketing data services, and you can bet that this change will eventually feed through to retargeting methods. Pressing the “Like” and “Share” button on a website, added kudos points to the company’s profile. Now Facebook will collate the button pressing action into a variety of metrics, which it will be able to sell for market research purposes and for retargeting guidance. The information stored with each Like will benefit a range of competing businesses, not just the owners of the site the Like related to. As Facebook continues to improve its advertising services they become increasingly attractive as a marketing channel for lawyers.

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Brands Shifting From YouTube To Native Video On Twitter

This piece of news represents an astonishing swing in the success of two iconic social brands in the fight for advertising dollars. Just last month, some major research reports into ranking factors (Searchmetrics and Moz) illustrated that YouTube so dominates video on the Internet, that there really isn’t any point in posting your commercial videos anywhere else. In addition to that, YouTube has recently started inserting adverts into videos and placing paid positions in the results of searches made within its site. YouTube was good, and had made great strides to become more attractive. Despite all of this, it seems that major brands are now jumping ship and switching to Twitter to showcase their video presentations. Twitter has mainly made the headlines over the past year over its poor performance. It seems the Twitter tide of disaster has turned. So, it is probably time to reactivate your law firm’s Twitter account.

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