You have probably noticed that everywhere on the Web, and in magazines, and even on TV there are lists of things. Every title and headline has to be a list of a number of things. It’s annoying, but everyone does it, so you could give it a try for your law firm’s website.

The SEO news websites are big on lists, so the theme for this week’s SEO Trends report is just a list of list articles relating to SEO. Although this seems a rather random link, it is a good opportunity to funnel some very good SEO basics advice, and also drum the list concept into you to inspire you to write your own list articles about some aspect of your legal specialization. Today’s lists come from Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, and Search Engine Watch.

10 SEO Tips You’d Be Surprised You Didn’t Know

The author of this article is super-switched-on. She has some really good ideas on working methods for SEO strategies here. The one that took me aback a little was her tip for “start your day by staying in the loop.” She sets up her analytical tools to email her reports on her website’s SEO performance so they arrive in her Inbox when she logs on in the morning. That’s such a good idea, it’s actually quite scary. She has a big theme about creating groups. She creates groups of keywords and content groups. This list really will give you a lot of ideas to try for your law firm’s SEO strategy.

Four Tools To Break You Out Of The Keyword Research Box

If you are going to plan out keyword groups, you really need to find some snappy keywords for your law firm’s products first. This list covers some tools you can use to hunt down the right keywords. Of the four, the survey idea is probably the most original.

It’s not too late: 12 ways to boost sales this holiday season

Although this article focuses on retailers and the holidays, much of its advice is universal. Few law firms are likely to get a Christmas rush, however, many areas of legal work do get peak periods – for example, tax lawyers and immigration work can get driven by deadlines and quotas imposed by the government. In this piece, the author starts off with “lists” of keywords, so that is probably just another way of saying “groups.”

8 Creative Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog with Facebook

The world and his dog is on Facebook. Everyone is there on Facebook just waiting for you to grab their attention. You probably hear about some marketing thing that “went viral” on Facebook, and wish you could get that for your law firm’s social media campaign. This article doesn’t really cover “going viral.” But it has some very well structured advice on how to plan a Facebook campaign.

7 Simple But Overlooked SEO Audit Tips

These tips are simple, but they are slightly techie, so as a lawyer and not a Webmaster, you may struggle a bit. You will need to log in to your website’s Control Panel to implement most of this advice. If you’re not sure what you did with the account information for that, then you really are probably neglecting these straightforward oversights that can hammer your rankings.

5 Ways to Improve Your YouTube Organic Reach

Posting video commentary on aspects of the law is a really good idea for building a reputation and establishing familiarity with potential clients. You can post them on YouTube and then insert them from there into your own website. The library you build up on YouTube will become a channel. However, if you don’t organize your space there properly, you will miss out on the opportunity to catch new followers who use the YouTube search facility. This article gives some good advice on how to build your brand on YouTube.

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