Now 2015 has arrived, it seems a good idea to take a look through the SEO news sites and collect their ideas on what direction the discipline will take in the coming year.  If you kept your law firm’s website up to date with new formats for smartphones and local search SEO, you will need to keep running reviews of your presentation to keep ahead of the game in 2015. This roundup picks up on emerging trends and tips on success for 2015 as reported in Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Roundtable and Search Engine Land.

The Search Experts Have Spoken: 2015 Predictions

Search Engine Watch hit the phones to produce this summary of 2015 predictions from SEO experts. Not surprisingly, mobile access is still a hot topic for the coming year. If you still haven’t got your law firm’s website a mobile-friendly version, now is the time to do it.

2015 Predictions: Google In The Year Of The Goat

Search Engine Land’s predictions for the coming year also open with a mention for mobile access, which reinforces the importance of this change in SEO as seen by those who report on the topic every day. Other nuggets of interest in this gaze at the crystal ball include the increased importance of content and the possibility that Google is going to give up on its efforts to promote Google+. Your Google+ profile is important for tying your law firm’s presentation into Google maps, so don’t bin Google+ completely. The writer reasons that the probable decline of Google+ heralds the resurgence of Facebook and Twitter. However, given Twitter’s recent woes, maybe the new stars of social media, Instagram and Pinterest, will reap the benefits.

Pinterest To Roll Out Promoted Pins To All US Users Starting January 1, 2015

Pinterest is on the rise and 2015 will make or break the site. Technically speaking, Pinterest is a “curation platform,” not a social media site. The company is getting better at enticing businesses into using the site for promotion, so maybe you should consider it to as a tool to gain clients for your legal practice.

3 Reasons to Use Pinterest in 2015

If you are starting to look into a Pinterest presence for your law firm, this article would be a useful follow up read. Pinterest is a minnow compared to Facebook. It is unlikely that Pinterest will ever get more users that Facebook, but it could certainly challenge Twitter this year.

Webmasters Talk About 2015 SEO & Search Trends & Predictions

Search Engine Roundtable is geared towards a tech-savvy audience, so if you are a sole practitioner, just looking after your firm’s website in your spare time, you may find its content too technical for your liking. However, news from the computer room can give you the heads up on any major changes in search engine rankings that may be in the pipeline. The site’s roundup of webmaster views is derived from a browse through the Webmaster World site. If you are getting a little more confident in the use of technology, these avenues of information could become more appealing to you.

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