With New Year fast approaching, the major SEO news sites are checking through their records and calling all experts to assess what were the top stories of the past year. Undoubtedly, 2014 was the year that mobile search and local search came to dominate SEO. This roundup picks the highlights of 2014 as identified by America’s top three SEO news sites: Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land.

The Year in Stats – SEO, Content, and Data Analytics

This article, found at Search Engine Watch gives a picture of the developments of the year in statistics. At the beginning of the year, the big news was that Google was signaling the death of blogging. However, the technological changes required for catering to local search and mobile search seem to have diverted the company from their aim of killing off blogs. In among this list of stats you will read that 54 per cent of retailers found blogs the most effective form of communication. However, you would have read a number of tips here at the James Attorney Marketing blog over the last year on how to diversify your law firm’s Web presentation.

SEO 101: How Local SEO Changed in 2014 and How to Get Ready for 2015

The Pigeon algorithm introduced by Google this year definitely focused minds on optimizing for local search. This article summarizes the changes that Pigeon caused in Google rankings and contains some recommendations for how to improve the performance of your law firm’s rankings for local searches.

50 Awesome and Inspiring Responsive Website Designs from 2014

Responsive website design, also known as responsive web design or RWD, is all about making a site that fits the screens of different sized devices. This became a hot topic in 2014 because of the growth in local and mobile searches. As a local legal practice, you are more likely to get clients from your own neighborhood and if you deal with emergency cases, you need to be sure your site works well on smartphones. This article lists some successful examples of RWD.

10 Things I Learned About Local SEO In 2014

Andrew Shotland gives a humorous rundown of the developments in local search over the last year. Law firms need to ace local search, so this is essential reading. Fortunately, Shotland’s humor lessens the shock that not all went well with search engine adaptation to local search in 2014.

Mapping It Out: Our Top 10 Local Search Columns For 2014

Search Engine Land analyzed which of their articles on local search over the past year got the most shares on social media. The report contains links to their most talked about local search articles, so this gives you a good guideline when examining your law firm’s local search strategy.

2014 Year In Review: A Look Back On What Happened With SEO

Erin Everhart took a different path to read back through Search Engine Land’s content over the last year and she has summarized the major movements in SEO on a monthly basis. Hopefully, you would have read that we spotted all of those trends here at the James Attorney Marketing blog. If so, you would have kept your law firm’s website design up to speed.

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