Online reputation management. If you’re like many an attorney, those words may cast a shadow upon your day. Who has time to search and pay attention to everything said about them and their firms online? Is that really the most important use of time? The reality is that the Internet rules today’s world, and failing to monitor and maintain your online reputation is a quick way to damage your brand—both individual and business.

Discover which platforms and places you need to pay attention to below. Then, start being proactive about your online reputation and attorney marketing efforts.


If you’re not sure where to begin with online reputation management, Google is a great jumping off point. Log out of your accounts, “Google” the name of yourself and your practice, and see what pops up on the web results page. Don’t forget to also check the Google Images tab to see what type of pictures you’re associated with.

Better yet, set up a Google Alert with your name and firm’s name so you’re automatically notified when either one appears online.


There are also several alternatives to Google Alerts such as Mention, a media monitoring application (available on app and desktop). Take advantage of Mention’s one free search and search your firm’s name, then establish your monitoring preferences. For instance, you can receive a daily email containing a search summary of your key term, which could cut down the time spent on attorney marketing.


Bing is nowhere near as popular as Google, but a solid group of Internet users still utilize it as their primary search engine. Don’t miss out on connecting with roughly 8% of your potential audience! Similar to Google above, log out of your accounts and search your name, as well as your firm’s name, on Bing to find what’s been written about your practice and where you’re getting the most attention.


For attorneys, LinkedIn provides one of the greatest opportunities for online reputation management.  There, you can explain your background, specializations, and the history and values of your practice.  LinkedIn also enables fellow professionals to endorse you for skills and provide recommendations, which is great on multiple fronts:

  1. It adds credibility to you and your services
  2. It makes your LinkedIn page stronger so you appear in more search results and more suggested connections
  3. Text on your LinkedIn page can boost your attorney marketing SEO power.

Your Website

This one is an attorney marketing no-brainer but deserves a quick mention nonetheless. Obviously, your firm needs to keep an eye on its website—it is probably the first thing that will show up on a web results page when a potential client searches your firm’s name.

Therefore, awareness and diligence is key. If a visitor comments on a blog post, be sure to quickly respond; within 24 hours, if possible. Or, if someone takes the time to complete an online contact form, reply to his/her query as helpfully as possible.

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