Your live chat service has pulled in some good referrals to your law firm. Now what do you do? You likely have the contact information for these visitors, and a chat record of some kind—it’s time to nurture these live chat referrals, and turn them into paying clients.

First Step, Contact the Chat Visitor Directly

If you have a visitor’s contact information, use it. The live chat visitor, if interested in your legal services, likely left contact information in the form of a phone number, email address, etc., and their preferred method of contact (professional live chat operators should and will obtain this information).

Upon Making Contact, Listen To Them

This is your first time speaking directly with your live chat referral, so listen carefully to what they have to say. Sometimes a great lead can appear not-so-great because the potential client in question doesn’t know how to explain his or her legal situation. This is where your listening skills come in.

Ask questions, give examples of similar cases, and try to understand exactly what this individual needs from you. Your listening abilities, and discernment therein, can mean the difference between a good referral, and a solid client lead.

Put Out the Welcome Mat

Offer to send the referral a comprehensive welcome packet that describes how you’ll proceed with their case, direct contact information of other members of your firm that will be working with you, and free, helpful content specifically pertaining to their legal situation. This can include medical support information for injury victims, transportation options for driver’s license-suspension defendants, etc.

Sweeten the sound of your legal services by providing a service guarantee of sorts; e.g. how your firm will respond to phone calls/emails within a specific period of time, follow-up with case status reports, etc.

A welcome packet can show what sets your firm apart from other firms your referral could be considering.

After Making Contact, Make Contact Again

Nurturing a referral can be as simple as reminding them you’re there. After the initial contact, if a business relationship doesn’t immediately develop, send your referral an email from time to time, or leave a voicemail asking how they’re doing. Let them know that you’re available to talk, and provide any help they may need. This will show that your firm is attentive, responsive, and puts the needs of your clients first.

Convey to your Live Chat referrals that they made the right choice by contacting your firm in the first place, and they will continue to make the right choice by hiring you.

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