Despite all the arguments out there that text-heavy marketing pieces are dead due to social media and our fast-paced lifestyles, evidence suggests that press releases can still pack a punch for your law firm. They remain one of the best avenues for reaching prospects and clients, and branding your practice both online and in print.

Read on to uncover what you need to know about marketing your law firm via press releases and including why customization is a must-do in today’s media scene.

Valuable Press Release Statistics

According to’s analysis of 50,000 press releases, the majority of press releases are published on Tuesday through Thursday—53%—and 61% of press release viewership occurs on Monday through Thursday. Additionally, these valuable statistics can help to guide your law firm’s press release and marketing strategy:

  • Media consumers read the most press releases on Wednesday; 16% of all press release views occur on this day
  • Another quarter of press releases are read on the weekend
  • Friday is the slowest day of the work week in terms of publishing and viewership

What This Data Means

Viewing the data above, it may seem counterintuitive to suggest that your firm push press releases and pitch them to journalists over the weekend. After all, if most businesses are publishing on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, they’ve got to be doing it correctly, right?

Wrong. When marketing your law firm using press release, take advantage of the dearth of media communication over the weekend. Because there’s less press release competition, journalists may just pay more attention to the articles you’re sending on Saturdays and Sundays, particularly if they involve breaking legal news.

Customizing Press Release Campaigns and Pitches

Customizing press release campaigns is key to their success. In general, smaller, more personalized campaigns receive higher open rates and viewership than larger ones. For example, according to research, an email campaign sent to 20 people experiences an average click rate of 14% and open rate of 38%, while a pitch sent to 100 recipients sees an 8% click rate and 29% open rate.

A tailored message sent to a handful of the right people can do much more for your firm than a mass distribution that may annoy journalists and damage cherished media relationships. Therefore, when marketing your law firm via press releases, take the time to determine the top 5 to 15 media contacts that would find your press release most valuable to their features. This could be an editor of a local metropolitan publication or a feature writer forThe American Lawyer.

Then, send out a personalized message. Address journalists by name and explain how your press release will appeal to their reader demographics. For instance, an announcement about the affirmative verdict of a recent wrongful death case spearheaded by your firm against a local hospital could be an interesting piece for readers of a local newspaper or online medical news forum.

Sure, this process will take longer than cookie cutter messaging, but your firm will receive a higher payoff for time spent.
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