Leading companies around the world spend months out of every year mystery shopping their own businesses, and for good reason. Experiencing what a customer experiences as he or she walks through the door, makes a phone call, or visits a company’s website can determine what a business is doing right—and more importantly what they’re doing wrong.

While it may not seem like a common practice, law firms have plenty to gain by mystery shopping their own firm. Here are 3 easy steps on how to do it—whether you operate a solo firm, or staff multiple partners.

1. Peruse Your Website As If For the First Time

When a potential client visits your site for the first time, this is their first impression of you, albeit virtual. Make sure your website is as welcoming and user-friendly as possible—offering valuable content, an attractive layout, easy site navigation, and clear contact information. Also, check your site for broken links, page errors, etc., on a regular basis, and update your blog at least 2-3 a week with fresh, relevant content to attract new viewers, and maintain current viewer interest.

2. Contact Your Firm Via Your Contact Form

Put yourself in a user’s shoes (or their keyboard), and follow your site’s contact route at every step. Using an outside email, fill out all applicable contact information and submit it. Make sure you have your firm’s site up and nearby, and see how long it takes for your test email to arrive in your firm’s inbox, if your email’s information is received legibly, and/or if the email gets marked by your ISP as spam.

All of these factors could mean the difference between a great lead, and one that never reaches your firm due to preventable, technical errors.

3. Contact Your Firm Via Phone

It’s good policy to call your firm, and see how a phone call is received—how many rings until the call is answered, how it’s answered, and if you’re immediately routed to voicemail. If you manage a solo firm, this can be tricky, because unless you use a fake voice, your receptionist will undoubtedly know it’s you. However, there are ways around this; colleagues, etc., that can do the job.

The important part of this is NOT to anger your receptionist, or make him/her feel like their skills are inadequate, but to simply check your firm’s phone reception. And if corrections need to be made, or accolades are to be given, here’s how to find out.

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