In a global survey, one marketing firm found that 90% of survey respondents believed individual marketing should be priority for their organizations. Yet, only half of marketing professionals utilize data to make their communications more individualized for each respondent.

This demonstrates an obvious disconnect between marketing goals and actions, perhaps because marketers aren’t quite sure how to best tailor their communications to their audiences.  Whether you’re marketing for a small or large firm, the following information can help to individualize and improve your marketing communications.


Speak Directly to Website Visitors


Google Analytics can tell you nearly everything about who is visiting your website, from their age and geographic location to their behavior (whether they are a new visitor or a frequent one, for instance). This kind of data can be a goldmine for law firms looking to optimize their websites and more effectively communicate with their website visitors.

Take this example: a DUI defense firm realizes that roughly half of their website visitors are 25 to 34 years old, and that many of these visitors land on the homepage multiple times yet do not convert into leads or sales. They design a pop-up box that promotes a free comprehensive infographic—a trendy marketing piece, particularly among younger audiences—explaining the various types of field sobriety tests in exchange for an email address in order to gain more leads and potential sales.

This is just one of the many ways that both small and large law firms’ marketing plans can incorporate website analytics to tailor their site layout and features, and communicate more effectively with audiences.


Create More Personalized Emails and Improve Campaign Performance


Would including a personalized greeting at the start in your email communications or adding a geographic term (such as a local neighborhood or metropolitan area) in your email subject lines improve open and click through rates? Utilize data to find out!

Determine whether these tweaks can make a difference in your email campaign performance by assessing initial performance, experimenting with changes, and analyzing follow-up data.


Be Present On Social Media When (and Where) You Need To         


With so much information hitting social media every hour of every day, posts can quickly get buried if they’re not shared and spread fast enough. That’s why speaking the right language, and cultivating a social media presence on the right platforms at the right times is so essential for both small and large firms’ marketing efforts. To find out where you need to be and when, take a look at your firm’s past posts, or run your data through paid tools likeHootsuite or free ones such as Buffer. Discover:


  • Which of your posts are performing above expectations
  • Track social demographics
  • Analyze which keywords within your space are trending


Then, use the ideal tone, keyword phrases, and content to speak directly to the demographic(s) you want to reach.

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