With all the talk about the importance of SEO, social media, and web content, it’s easy to get the impression that the sun has set on print marketing and the day of online marketing is here… but that’s not quite true. Email and social media marketing are important, of course, yet the best marketing strategy for law firms encompasses both online and offline marketing working in tandem.

You might be wondering: what are the benefits, and how does my law firm create a comprehensive approach that includes print, social media, and web marketing? Read on to find out.

Reach Various Audiences

Who are you trying to reach? That query should be at the heart of every marketing campaign and strategy meeting. Your online audience may be radically different from the recipients of your print materials—established and home-owning Baby Boomers might respond better to a mailed flyer announcing your latest service or newest attorney, for instance, while younger Millennials could prefer your online referral promotions advertised through Facebook and Twitter.

Determining your audience is the first step. Afterward, you’re able to customize marketing material to appeal to different types of recipients, diversify your legal marketing strategy as needed, and ultimately achieve the highest return on investment.

Reiterate the Message

Most people do not act after hearing a message just once. In fact, the average salesperson must connect with a prospect at least eight times before receiving a response! Take advantage of both print and online marketing to create a comprehensive, consistent legal marketing message that can’t be ignored.

One example: A Social Security disability firm announces that it has won a prestigious industry award over LinkedIn, and links to a blog article hosted on its website that explains why the practice received recognition and what that means to clients.

  • Then, it sends a postcard to clients and prospects briefly announcing the win and inviting recipients to call, visit the website, and follow the firm on social media to learn more (print materials should include a call to action whenever possible!).
  • A few weeks later, the firm sends a follow-up card featuring a promotional offer in honor of the award win, and offers an even further discount or special promotion for recipients who refer a client or engage the practice on social media.

Hone in on Promising Prospects

Another benefit of combining print and web marketing for your law firm is that the mixture enables you to save money while identifying and connecting with promising prospects.

Email marketing is relatively inexpensive and easy to produce, so do not hesitate to craft and email blast to your entire list of leads and referrals. This could be something like an “about us” piece providing a brief overview of your firm’s differentiators and reputation. Next, qualify the respondents until you are down to a much smaller list of solid prospects. Then, allocate funds toward sending print pieces to this group, like a coupon for a free case consultation.

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