Whether your firm observes Earth Day (April 22nd) every year or has yet to set a recycling bucket in the break room, “going green” doesn’t have to involve a huge overhaul. Rather, making a few tweaks to your law firm’s current marketing practices can lead to significant results such as minimizing your law firm’s carbon footprint, saving money and resources, and making an impression upon clients and businesses who also promote environmentally-friendly practices.

When considering how to go green with your law firm’s marketing, don’t overlook these helpful tips and tricks!


1.      Cut down on printing.


Law firms are notorious for burning through stacks of paper. Think of how many times you press the “print” button during the day, and multiply that by 260 business days—that’s the number of times you produce printed documents in a single year!

Take a break from printing every last file and instead, consider when you can do things electronically. For instance, host client referral forms online, which also cuts down on data entry since you can set up the form to automatically export into an organized Excel sheet. When you must print lawyer marketing materials like flyers, take advantage of easy tricks like shrinking the margins on documents and changing the default printer setting to double-sided in order to maximize space used and minimize the number of sheets needed.


2.      Turn to recycled resources.


If you cannot hold off on printing, do the next best thing: when printing banners and other hard copy marketing materials, consider switching from regular printer paper to recycled.
If you are concerned that recycled, chlorine-free paper will degrade the quality appearance of your flyers, don’t worry—most look extremely similar to non-recycled paper. Your firm could also consider placing a small logo or disclaimer on your lawyer marketing pieces that explains your firm supports environmentally-friendly practices and asks for their support. Most clients, partner organizations, and vendors will respect your choice as well as the communication about your initiative.

Also consider these Earth-friendly marketing ideas:


  • Filing cabinets made of sustainable materials—perfect for holding print marketing pieces
  • Environmentally-friendly promotional items; rather than sending clients, vendors, and prospects wasteful gifts, consider sustainable alternatives like potted plants or seeJaneworks’ Seven Year Pen (guaranteed to last seven years!)

3.      Utilize email marketing.


Print pieces are an important part of every lawyer’s marketing efforts. They can reach and influence prospective clients who do not respond via email or online marketing, or who do not have email. However, email is typically a very powerful marketing tool… not to mention a much greener one than print pieces!

According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), email has a 66% conversation rate, leading to a much higher rate of purchase than direct mail and social. Overall, email marketing can be as great for your law firm’s growth as it is for the environment.

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