Live chat is a powerful marketing tool that can benefit the bottom line of any business—law firms included. The service can initiate communication between a potential client and your firm, weed out visitors who don’t match the legal services you provide before an exhaustive amount of time is spent on both ends, and accommodate visitors in real-time who don’t want to fill out an evaluation form, or wait for a voicemail to be returned.


The ways are many, but here are a few key avenues live chat integration can increase conversion rates for your firm.


1. Usage Incentives


Companies often offer incentives to visitors who log on to their live chat, such as free gifts and promotional items (We do! Check out our live chat package for law firms here). This can benefit your business in two ways. First, you’ll increase your Live Chat usage because visitors who receive a free, quality gift will likely forward this promotion on to others. Secondly, if someone claims a free gift, especially if it’s a valuable one, they’re more likely to seek out your legal services.


2. The Right Place at the Right Time


Live chat is a 24/7 support application that’s installed right onto your website, so visitors can contact your firm using an instant messaging chat window at any hour of the day or night. Having this constant window of contact can mean the difference between a visitor who bounces from your site, or converts from it.


TIP: The best location for a live chat button on your website is at the top of your home page near a call-to-action prompt. This lets visitors know that they have a choice of calling your firm, using the contact form, or using Live Chat. This in itself is good for conversion rates, as it gives a potential client a choice of contact that is most convenient for them.


3. Live Chat Can Boost SEO


Live chat software can save records of visitors’ chats, and collect buzzwords and popular keyword phrases that your firm can use to boost SEO. Other analytics you can gather from live chat include visitor tracking (first time visitor or repeat), how long a visitor stays on your site, and location of said visitor (local or national).


4. Convey an Accommodating and Progressive Presence


Live chat not only conveys that your firm can accommodate your clients on a 24/7 basis, but that your firm is progressive, and stays up-to-date with tech-savvy programs. This is important to demonstrate even among clients who aren’t technologically savvy themselves. Why? Because your firm will appear advanced and more in-the-know than other firms who don’t offer such digital options.


Our Live Chat Product Can Make a Difference!


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