After prospective leads have contacted you via Live Chat, you need to stay top of mind with them while they’re in the consideration phase. These leads are likely contacting your competitors during this time, too, so by staying top of mind, you can encourage a potential client to take the next step towards becoming a paying client. And if your competitor’s don’t offer Live Chat, you’re already ahead of the game!

Here are 5 effective ways to stay top of mind with your Live Chat leads.


1. Follow Up With an Email


A follow up email to a Live Chat lead allows you to introduce yourself, albeit virtually, without engaging in an in-depth phone call—which many people actually prefer when shopping for a law firm. These leads are still in the consideration phase, so an email is a great way to send information about your legal services, case examples, and testimonials from happy clients to give the lead something to chew on.

TIP: If a lead left their phone number with the Live Chat operator, use this before sending an email. If not, let them know you’ll gladly give them a direct call to personally discuss their situation at any time.


2. Follow Up With a Phone Call


As stated, if a Live Chat lead leaves a call back number, use it. And be sure to call back quickly; within 24-hours if possible (if this isn’t possible, make sure someone at your office calls and lets the lead know when you’ll be available by phone). An immediate response via phone can separate your firm from the competition, as it shows your attentiveness and concern.


3. Share Valuable Content


When you follow up with a lead via email, send valuable, interesting content such as legal tips, instructional videos, photographs, and infographics that they’ll take interest in, and find useful. Provide answers to frequently-asked questions tailored to their legal situation; e.g. DUI defense guidelines, what steps to take next for a personal injury victim, etc.


4. Engage Leads Through Your Social Networks


Many would-be clients appreciate that a firm they’re considering maintains an active social media presence, because it shows that you’re a part of a larger community. Forward links to your social media pages and encourage your leads to become involved with your social circles. There are few platforms that have the marketing muscle as social media to keep you top of mind with potential clients.


5. Remind Them Why They Sought Your Services


Even if a business relationship doesn’t immediately develop, check in with your Live Chat leads periodically and inquire about their situation. Ask questions pertaining to their legal needs, such as if a hit-and-run victim received proper medical attention, and if there’s anything you can do to help. This is also a great time to pass along relevant content that might be useful.


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