They say that “content is king” in this age of search engine optimization (SEO), but it’s not just content that your law firm should be focused on; images also matter to your practice’s legal SEO strategy. In fact, failing to implement an SEO strategy for web images could damage your law firm’s overall SEO rankings.

Follow the guidelines below to ensure that your web image SEO approach is living up to its potential, and rest easy knowing that your law firm’s search engine optimization efforts are on track!

Don’t Let Your Image Stock Go Stale

Making the most of your SEO strategy requires hosting a variety of images that represent your brand well. Instead of posting just one type of photo—for instance, your logo—host photos of your attorney team, the front of your office, and you attending a legal conference in addition to your logo.

Also, be sure to upload new photos on various sites regularly. Although nothing ever disappears on the Internet and older images are still relevant, Google’s image algorithms may rank them as less relevant as time goes on. Pushing out up-to-date images is important to maintaining the integrity of your brand and ensuring that web users find photos that accurately represent your law firm. Similarly, the quantity of images spread by your practice matters to your SEO rankings. The more images your post online, the greater the search engine optimization effects for your law firm.

Name Images Carefully

Did you know that file names affect SEO rankings? Always include your law firm’s name in the file name.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Spread the image love—host images on various platforms including:

  • Your law firm’s website
  • Social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+
  • Blog pages
  • Press releases (online newswire services often enable you to include a logo or additional images with text)
  • Outside locations like reputable guest blogs

Google Your Law Firm

Periodically Google your law firm’s name and view the results under the “Images” tab to determine what types of images are ranking high in terms of SEO. If they are images that you have uploaded and that represent your brand appropriately, keep up the good work! If not, revisit these search engine optimization tips in order to steer your legal SEO strategy on the right path.

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