Content is king when it comes to effective legal marketing, but content in the form of static text is now taking a backseat to image-centric content. Image-sharing sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter have already made their mark, but a site that’s quickly gaining traction on the image-sharing scene is SlideShare.

SlideShare already has over 60 million unique visitors per month, and generates over 215 million page views.1 Plus, SlideShare presentations rank well on Google, as competition is lower on SlideShare than other social channels (for now).

If you’re not yet using the site, let’s take a look at how you can promote your firm using SlideShare, and tap into the potential of this effective marketing tool.

SlideShare’s Flipbook Format is Perfect For Storytelling

SlideShare has a linear format much like a digital flipbook, so it makes the platform perfect for telling stories about your firm, your firm’s services, and why a potential client should contact your firm over your competition. SlideShare slides also make it easy for viewers to flip through at their own pace, and return to specific slides if they should choose.

SlideShare Lets You Focus On Your Audience’s Needs

SlideShare allows you to upload specific slides that can coach and guide your target audience. For example, if you’re a DUI-defense attorney, you can create a slideshow that includes legal How-To’s for the DUI offender, and step-by-step instructions on what to do next—namely contacting your law firm.

TIP: If you keep seeing the same questions asked about a topic you know well, create a slideshow that provides answers. You can then post a link to the slideshow if that question/topic should arise again on your social media pages, website, or blog comments.

LinkedIn Gives SlideShare Shows Lots of Love

LinkedIn acquired SlideShare in 2012, and since then has made an extra effort to promote SlideShare shows on their site. When you post a SlideShare presentation on LinkedIn, you can share it as a status update on both your personal profile and company page, and, of course, upload the link to all of your other social pages for maximum exposure.

SlideShare Can Capture Client Leads

SlideShare allows you to include call-to-action hyperlinks not only within the slides, but embed lead conversion forms using a tool called LeadShare.

Here’s how LeadShare works: When a viewer is browsing through your SlideShare presentation, a contact form will pop up at the end. If the presentation is uploaded on your blog, website, or social media pages, the lead form will appear there, too. After the contact form is filled out, the captured lead will appear on your SlideShare dashboard, or get emailed to you.

Want to learn more ways how SlideShare can generate leads for your law firm? We can help! Contact one of our legal marketing experts today.

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