From the FAQ page of your website to an “About Us” flyer sent to prospects, there are several ways to portray what your law firm is all about and how you address clients’ legal needs. Using these marketing fragments can work well for certain situations, but what about when you need a standalone piece that tells your firm’s story, answers questions, and represents your brand?

That’s where a media kit comes into play. A media kit is a package of promotional and information materials that enables you to present a thorough portrait of your firm in one comprehensive package. It’s useful in a variety of capacities and can be given to everyone from media contacts to prospective clients to attorneys you’re aiming to recruit. When the time comes for you to tackle building a media kit for your legal marketing purposes, be sure to include the following pieces.


1.      Contact Page


The purpose of compiling a packet of information is to encourage readers to contact your practice. Therefore, provide contact information to the person/people who would handle media and case inquiries. You may want to prominently feature this page at the front of your media kit alongside the “About Us” page.


2.      About Us Page


What are your law firm’s mission and differentiators? The About Us page is the perfect place to expand upon what characterizes your firm, be it the workplace culture, the prestigious attorneys, or involvement within the community and familiarity with local issues. Overall, this sheet defines your firm and should give readers a snapshot of your brand and reputation. Quick legal marketing tip: the About Page presents an opportunity to outline your firm’s specializations for easy reference.


3.      Facts Sheet


A facts sheet encompasses basic details about your firm including its history, office locations, and recognitions earned. Oftentimes, marketers tend to format this legal marketing piece into an easy-to-read list of bullet points, although more firms are capitalizing on visual trends such as infographics. If you’re unsure about what to feature on this page, ask yourself: what questions do prospects ask most? What kinds of details are mentioned in the boilerplate of your practice’s press releases?


4.      Professional Biographies


Turn the spotlight onto your firm’s partners and attorneys. Craft a biographies page full of relevant information about the people who are the lifeblood of your practice. All attorney biographies should be professional, of course, but don’t be afraid to break from the generic corporate template in order to engage readers and portray your unique brand.


5.      Other Necesssary Items


The best thing about crafting a media kit for your law firm’s marketing purposes is that you can customize it to best suit your needs. For instance, if you receive a lot of media requests, you could include a few published press releases or articles about your firm to give media professionals a sample of your firm’s public relations highlights. Make your media kit your own and experiment to see which pieces result in the most traction.

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