In 2014, YouTube officially became the second-largest search engine; processing over 4 billion searches per month, and uploading 100 hours of video every minute. If your firm hasn’t yet exercised the marketing muscle of YouTube, the good news is that it’s not too late—but you better get on the ball in 2015, or you stand to lose out on a vast network of client leads and industry contacts on a local and global scale.

Here’s a quick look on how your firm can harness YouTube’s marketing potential in the New Year.

YouTube Videos Accommodate Mobile Users

Mobile traffic now exceeds desktop traffic, so by accommodating mobile users with YouTube videos, your firm is tapping into unlimited marketing opportunities. Over 1.2 billion people now access the web from their mobile phones, and a lot of this mobile browsing is done on YouTube, so make sure your firm can be found on here.

TIP: Producing a professional grade video is a bonus, but it isn’t required to give your firm ample exposure. All computers provide editing equipment now, and video production software is pretty inexpensive. The takeaway is that it’s the content of the video, not necessarily the quality, that produces a successful clip.

YouTube Videos Are Great For Branding

You can build your brand on YouTube with the style and subject matter of your videos. For instance, if you’re savvy on DUI defense tips, you can create videos that depict you as a DUI defense instructor. You can get creative with this, and film your video(s) against a classroom setting with a podium, overhead slides, etc.

Any kind of consistency in the appearance, content, and style of your videos will help build your brand, and associate any subsequent video(s) you produce as belonging to your firm.

YouTube Videos Can Go Viral

Any YouTube video has the potential to go viral—you just have to tap in to what people want to see and what they need to see. If you can create a video that connects with viewers on an emotional level, as well as a cognitive one, it can be shared and viewed on a viral scale. And hosting a viral video is marketing gold.

Would your firm like to harness the marketing power of YouTube, but you’re not quite sure where to start? Start with us! Check out our quality infographic videos which can be uploaded to your YouTube account in a snap, or simply contact us for more information.—the-2nd-largest-search-engine-infographic

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