When marketing your law firm, it’s difficult to cultivate the brand that you’re striving for and consistently maintain that brand week after week, month after month, year after year. Brands can end up having a life of their own and running out of control—before you know it, the company’s public image is fragmented and unrepresentative of the soul of the organization.

Below are four telltale signs of inconsistent branding. If these are true of your practice, it may be time to reassess and realign your legal marketing and branding efforts.

1.      There are multiple versions of logos floating around.

At some point, you may have included a logo update as part of your legal marketing strategy. While it can be a great idea to revitalize your image if it no longer resonates with your client base, having multiple versions of logos floating around can cause brand confusion. Be sure to update all marketing materials including print items, emails, advertisements, promotional materials, and websites with your new logo after changing your look.

2.      Experiences don’t live up to expectations.

Since your law firm provides a valuable service to clients, the attorneys and case managers at your practice essentially become walking billboards of your firm’s brand. If they misrepresent your firm—for instance, they never return clients’ calls when your practice is usually known for responsive communication and excellent client service—they can quickly damage the cohesiveness and strength of your brand.

3.      Name recognition is sporadic.

Your reputation and brand identity is what drives business through your doors. Therefore, if your firm is part of a larger entity or has several specialized business lines/services, deciding which name to promote on all legal marketing materials is a must. For example, Latham & Watkins LLP is one of the largest law firms in the world and has dozens of specializations that are all branded under the Latham & Watkins name, achieving strong brand recognition.

4.      Navigating your website feels like visiting different websites.

You know when you land on a really great website that’s obviously been designed by the same person or team? Everything has the same color scheme, the content is written in the same voice throughout, and the overall look and feel screams, “This is who we are and what we do!” On the other hand, you can tell when a website has been designed or updated piecemeal; moving from subpage to subpage feels like jumping to different websites.

If you look at your site and feel a bit whiplashed from page to page, consider putting a redesign on your legal marketing to-do list.

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