When you’re grinding out email campaigns, newsletters, blog content, and social media posts, marketing automation may sound ever so enticing. What better way to quickly and easily manage marketing across all channels, right? While marketing automation can be a helpful tool for some practices, it’s not always the best solution for all situations and attorney teams.

Read on to discover the pros and cons of legal marketing automation and assess whether it’s a fit for your firm.

Pro: Less time spent on manual, repetitive tasks

Automating procedures like sending a response email to someone signing up for your attorney blog and newsletter list can save a substantial amount of time. Instead of having to go through a list of new sign-ups and send each recipient an identical email, you can set an email to automatically send to everyone who provides their email address on your site.

This not only saves time (and your sanity), but can also ensure a speedy response time on your end, as an automated email will be sent straight to a new contact’s inbox within minutes.

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Con: Setting up a new system takes dedication

Implementing a new legal marketing system, learning the ins and outs, experimenting, and responding to mistakes takes some dedication. Even after setup, it takes time to establish each email campaign and regularly make content updates as necessary, as well as develop content for specific audiences you’ve designated in your system.
If you don’t have the time, money, or energy to familiarize yourself with a new marketing tool and how to best use it to your advantage, automating your marketing may be a poor investment.

Pro: Triggered emails tend to have higher open rates

The average email open rate within the legal industry is 22.67%, according to MailChimp. Marketing research company Econsultancy estimates that triggered emails, on the other hand, consistently see a 45% to 55% open rate—double the average open rate!

Con: It’s easy to over-communicate

There’s a fine line between staying at the top of a client or contact’s inbox and burying them with messages. By automating your legal marketing, it’s easy to overstep the line and communicate too often, which could have a less than desired effect: pushing prospects and clients away rather than enticing them closer.

Is Legal Marketing Automation For You?

Automating some legal marketing processes at your firm could lighten your marketing burden. But beware of taking things too far and relying too heavily on technology to create positive prospect and client interactions. Sometimes, it’s best to go the old-fashioned route, or outsource your marketing tasks to professionals who know how—and when—to use the tools at their disposal rather than trying to go it alone.

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