Whether social media networking, blogging, even hosting webinars, there’s no shortage of effective content marketing options.

An underlying theme that makes each of these marketing options successful is the connection you can make with your audience through good storytelling. One of the best ways to tell a good story is by way of a podcast.

If you’re not already doing so, here are 5 reasons why your law firm should start a podcast, and how it can promote your firm and help build your brand in all the right ways.

1. Podcasts Are Easily Consumed

Unlike webinar videos (or videos in general), and text-based content such as blogs, podcasts don’t require a user’s undivided attention. A podcast can stream via headphones as a person commutes, exercises, does chores around the house, etc. In this way, podcasts are becoming increasingly popular for those who want to consume interesting and relevant legal information, but don’t need to sit still to do so.

2. Podcasts Allow Intimacy

Podcasts allow you to talk to your audience directly, which promotes intimacy and a more personal connection than static words on a page. Also, by allowing your audience to hear your voice and the way you express yourself, this can be an important selling point when it comes time to hire legal representation. Just make sure to speak clearly, professionally, and with conviction.

3. Podcasts Can Set You Apart

Despite the benefits and increasing popularity of podcasting, few law firms are actually doing it, so hosting a podcast gives your firm a marketing advantage over your competitors. Make sure you advertise your podcast and provide links everywhere you can; on your blog, social media pages, and YouTube channel.

4. Podcasts Are More Than One-Way Communication

Although podcasts allow you to run the show, it doesn’t have to be a one-way show. You can invite legal experts or industry colleagues to do a guest podcast for your firm, as well as conduct interviews, or even broadcast satisfied clients who can talk about their experience with your firm and services rendered.

5. Podcasts Can Connect Your Firm With Your Firm

Podcasts are great for connecting you with present and potential clients, but they’re also great for connecting in-house. Podcasts can help train new staff, make announcements in lieu of company meetings, applaud staff members for case accomplishments and victories, and keep all members of the firm on the same page throughout the week, and throughout the year.

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