As the leading social media platform for business professionals, LinkedIn carries massive potential to reach your ideal audience. It’s important to note that all LinkedIn pages are not created equal, though; the power of your practice’s LinkedIn page depends upon a multitude of factors such as how well you build your page and the approach you take toward engaging followers.

Uncover some guidance from the Company Pages named the very best by LinkedIn, and try the following tips in your law firm’s social media marketing plan.

1. Develop a Showcase Page.

Does your firm struggle to speak to vastly different audiences? A LinkedIn Showcase Page enables you to establish a more specialized forum for a specific type of follower, in addition to your regular Company page. This is a great option for law firms with multiple specializations/lines of business or vastly different audiences.

If your workers’ compensation and personal injury firm must produce content appealing to white collar office professionals and blue collar construction workers, for example, you may want to develop a LinkedIn Showcase Page in order to appeal to the two pools of followers separately.

2. Sponsor handpicked updates for the greatest reach.

Most of the time, your firm can probably make do with pushing unsponsored content to its followers (assuming that the material is valuable to the audience), spreading over your LinkedIn network at ideal times, and establishing your practice as an expert within your field.

However, sometimes it may be necessary to take that extra step and allocate funds towards sponsoring updates as part of your law firm’s social media marketing strategy. Sponsored updates can reach a wider audience than regular updates, which could be just what your firm needs to reach that next group of clients on LinkedIn.

3. Appeal to followers within specific locations

Whether your practice has several large offices nationwide or one small, local office, including geographic terms into your posts can help to target audiences. One instance of this may be to produce content that specifically applies to an area serviced by your firm—say, Portland, Oregon—and then mention that in the post title and description: “Our Portland, Oregon team helps a local family in need during the holiday season. Read about it on the blog, and join our cause!”

Of course, be sure to paste a link to the appropriate blog article so that local readers are more likely to visit your webpage.

4. Pin valuable content to the top of your page.

Quick social media marketing lesson for your law firm: “Pinning” an update to the top of your LinkedIn Company Page forces it to remain at the top of your page so it is the first thing that viewers see. If you’ve produced a particularly valuable article that has received significant feedback, or your firm is announcing a prestigious award win, then consider pinning that story to the top of your Company Page to receive the greatest viewership.

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