When it comes to promoting your law firm, chances are you’re describing your staff and your services as efficient, effective, professional, qualified, and client-focused. Problem is, your competitors are saying the exact thing about themselves.

While you may actually possess these attributes, and have skills that trump your competitors both in and out of the courtroom, how are prospective clients supposed to know this? Here are a few ways to prove that your firm is different from your competitors, and why it would be in a client’s best interest to select you from the rest.

Use Testimonials

A satisfied client who’s willing to document their satisfaction is marketing gold. A good testimonial can relay to potential clients that your services are recommendable, your firm is trustworthy, and clients would be in good hands if they sought out your firm over other firms. As a bonus, testimonials on your website that incorporate keyword phrases can help with SEO and boost site traffic.

Use Charts and Graphs To Map Success

Charts and graphs work great to outline case details so viewers can see evidence of your firm hard at work. Use a spreadsheet to show a specific case’s timeline, and how your firm reached a favorable outcome quickly and effectively. Charts can illustrate your experience on a legal matter, and highlight strategic processes. Also, if you had multiple members of your firm working on a case, document each member’s role, and how your team worked together successfully.

Give a Service Guarantee

Since your firm cannot legally guarantee the outcome of a case, you can provide a service guarantee. This can include returning calls and responding to emails within a specific period of time, following up with case status reports, etc. If your firm fails to live up to these guarantees, in lieu of no emergencies, you can offer the client fee credit for billable hours and/or provide other perks.

Put Out the Welcome Mat

After meeting with a potential client, send them a comprehensive welcome packet that sets forth how you’ll proceed with their case, who at your firm will be working with you (with direct contact numbers), and includes helpful information such as medical support for personal injury victims, local transportation information for driver’s license-suspension clients, etc. A welcome packet will show that your firm is attentive, responsive, and compassionate.

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