Résumé, phone book listing, business card, blogging platform, portfolio, personal brand—your LinkedIn profile is all of those things rolled into one, making it potentially one of the most powerful platforms to leverage for your attorney social media marketing strategy. But you’re sabotaging your LinkedIn and business-growing potential if you are not actively accruing skill endorsements and recommendations.

There are many benefits, SEO and otherwise, to gathering powerful endorsements and recommendations on your LinkedIn page.

Benefit #1: SEO
In terms of ranking highly in search results, the presence of keywords on your LinkedIn page is just as important as the placement of keyword phrases on your law firm website and blog content. Although they are not as powerful as recommendations and other sections of your profile such as “Skills” or “Experience,” endorsements count as keywords and can therefore help your profile show up on more LinkedIn users’ search results when they query a relevant term.

Benefit #2: Capability and Likeability
Recommendations are basically testimonials from people who have worked or interacted with you and are so impressed with your performance that they’re willing to associate their name with yours. These not only demonstrate your capabilities, but also favorably display your personality. People work with who they like!

How to Quickly Accrue Endorsements and Recommendations

  1. Ask those who are familiar with your work

When seeking endorsements and recommendations for your attorney social media marketing, the easiest way is to ask. Think of the people who could best speak about your performance and skills. Partners, managers, subordinates, clients, friends, colleagues—all of these should be on the list.

Ask them to elucidate briefly on your greatest strengths and accomplishments, and to be as specific as possible. For instance, “Clara took my personal injury case when no one else would. She followed up a telephone consultation with a friendly in-person meeting where she discussed my options, what I could expect throughout the case, and the potential timeline. I immediately got the sense that I was in good hands and she proved that to me throughout our partnership by consistently checking in and keeping me updated about developments. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!”

Keep in mind that only first-degree connections can endorse and recommend, so if you’re not already linked to those you’d like to receive recommendations and endorsements from, be sure to connect.

  1. Give in order to receive

Giving can also be a way to receive; when you endorse others, they’re likely to return the favor.

  1. Keep in touch

Instead of only popping in when you need something, keep in touch with valuable connections every few months. Share articles, congratulate them on work anniversaries, comment on their blog posts, and connect them with other professionals and clients. When you do need something like a recommendation for your attorney social media marketing, they’ll most likely be happy to provide it.

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