Some law firms believe that the best source of website content and marketing material text is their in-house staff. After all, executives and support staff are intimately familiar with the subject matter and know how to best describe their services… right?

Ponder this: if you and your attorney team spoke to the average person on the street using the legal vernacular you utilize daily, would that person understand and want to do business together? Probably not.

Read on to find out how to write law firm website content that avoids attorney speak and resonates with prospects and clients.


Adjust Your Jargon


When speaking via written word on your website or in person, bring it back to basics. How did mentors or colleagues explain concepts to you when you were first learning the ins and outs of your role? Apply these same practices to the content included in your marketing pieces and conversations so you sound more like a friend or knowledgeable resource to your prospects and clients than a dry encyclopedia.

For instance, if your practice specializes in family and divorce law, don’t assume that everyone would know what you mean by “wage garnishment” or “assets.” Instead, boil it down and provide plenty of explanations and examples along the way. Also, if you’re using complicated or uncommon terminology within your website, you can even hyperlink terms to blog posts or explanatory articles you’ve written on the topic, which could serve to drive more traffic to other parts of your law firm website.


Employ Testimonials


Marketing professionals across all industries have realized that people don’t want to be sold to; they want to hear a story, and ingest content that is both interesting and relevant. Sometimes the best way to let others know about the value of your services in a simple, unaggressive manner is to use testimonials on your law firm website.

Testimonials are not only great for your credibility, since they are recommendations of your services from actual clients, but they can also be more relatable to some readers since they come straight from someone who was in their exact position—a layperson either completely or relatively unfamiliar with the legal system.


Consult the Experts


An outside viewpoint can help to dial in your law firm website’s style and tone. Don’t hesitate to ask the experts at James Attorney Marketing about content development and SEO services that can increase website traffic and boost leads!

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