If you haven’t seen Personal Injury attorney Jamie Casino’s 2-minute YouTube video, check it out here. This video has been viewed over 5.5 million times, and has been heralded as “epic” by viewers and critics alike. Yes, it has a fist-pumping soundtrack and flashy editing, but what sets this legal marketing video apart from other marketing videos is the emotional connection it makes with the audience.

The most successful attorneys aren’t just selling legal services, they’re selling themselves—meaning, they’re selling an emotional connection between their firm and their clients. This form of marketing is called emotional branding, and it’s revolutionizing how law firms are marketing their services. If you’re unfamiliar with emotional branding, or how it works, let’s take a look. It could change your entire marketing approach for the best.

What is Emotional Branding?

Emotional branding refers to building a brand so that it appeals to a client’s emotions, needs, or aspirations.Emotional branding triggers a desired response for a product or service, as the advertising attached to said product or service elicits feelings of bonding, trust, and relatedness.

Why Is Emotional Branding Important to Law Firms?

Attorneys are not always perceived as the most personal of professionals. Emotional branding conveys that your firm thinks about people as people, rather than people as transactions. Your firm is more interested in making a personal connection than a billable sale. You would rather have a conversation with your clients, then to talk and rarely listen.
Emotional branding causes emotions in your clients, which causes connection. And connection is what establishes long-term business, client referrals, and other positive financial consequences.

How Is Emotional Branding Done?

Emotional branding is really all about storytelling. This is not to say you should fabricate stories about yourself or your law firm—in fact, this is what NOT to do. The kind of stories you need to convey are human interest stories; stories that will establish a connection with your clients on a real level. Take Jamie Casino’s video. Mr. Casino suffered a personal tragedy that changed his life and how he handles business, and with whom.

No matter your practice area, there is a reason why you do what you do, right? Why do you practice criminal defense instead of family law? Post content on your website and social media pages that tells the story of YOU, not just the legal services you provide. Done with sincerity and humility, emotional branding through storytelling is one of the most powerful marketing tools available.

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