90% of customers find original content useful. Half of consumer time is spent interacting with custom content. 61% of prospects claimed that they feel better about a company that produces original content and are more likely to buy from that organization.

These statistics, provided by Demand Metric, HubSpot, and Custom Content Council, respectively, demonstrate what your law firm may already know: producing and proliferating original content is necessary and influential. It can push new clients into your office, build a stronger brand, and drive traffic to your website. If you are skeptical, consider these reasons that quality legal marketing content development will beat out quantity every time.


Higher Lead Generation at a Lower Cost


One marketing ROI study developed in part by Oracle Eloqua found that content marketing garners three times as many leads as paid search, per dollar spent. In addition, it could cost your law firm up to 41% less than paid search depending on the size of your practice.

The statistics above showcase the true power of organic content creation. Although the quantity of blog posts and articles developed can make a difference, the most important element is the quality of your legal marketing material. If prospective clients find value in the material you post, they are more likely to trust your brand and turn to your law firm when they or their loved ones need assistance.


Original Content Drives SEO and Social Media Engagement


Improving SEO is probably one of your law firm’s marketing goals, and inherent in that mission is social media activity aimed at increasing site traffic and building brand awareness. Did you know that creating original content can improve brand engagement?

Demand Metric reports that one strong reason that social media users follow brands is that these organizations produce enthralling content. Additionally, more than half of users are motivated to search out a product after reading content about it. This means that if 100 social media followers read a post about Miranda warning violations that was created by your criminal defense firm, at least 50 of them may search out more information about your services!


People Love Sharing and Spreading the Word


With the proliferation of social media into our daily lives, people love sharing interesting articles with their friends, family, colleagues, and social media connections. AOL and Nielsen report that we share nearly 30 million pieces of content every day. Shouldn’t some of these articles be original pieces developed by your firm?

This strategy can be particularly effective with younger audiences; the public relations company Edelman states that Millennials don’t just want organizations to produce content for them, they expect it. Their data finds that 80% desire to be entertained and appealed to through content marketing.


Focus on Quality First


With all the research above, it’s clear that developing valuable, intelligent content is the right legal marketing strategy for your law firm. It’s alright if you’re only able to produce one article per week—just be sure to craft a well-written post that readers can’t help but spread to their connections!

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