A comprehensive piece to send to prospects and clients, your firm’s legal newsletter can be a powerful marketing tool… but it does not need to take up more than an hour of your valuable time. If you can block out just 60 minutes from your schedule, you can produce a solid e-newsletter using the steps below.


1.      Craft an interesting blog article


When it comes to choosing a stimulating topic, keep it simple, engaging, and relevant to your audience. A family and divorce law firm, for example, could feature a main topic titled “5 Inexpensive Outings with the Kids” or “Fun Facts About Independence Day.”

If you’re stumped, just think: what might make readers stop their day for a few minutes when your legal newsletter comes into their inboxes? What kinds of blog and social media posts normally receive the highest level of engagement? Then, write a brief 200- to 300-word post on your chosen topic.

Time spent: 30 minutes  


2.      Announce news


Help readers stay connected to your firm. Announce upcoming events, highlight recent news about your practice such as awards or significant cases won, or feature your involvement in the community. It only takes a few minutes to keep recipients in the know about things that your team is doing, which can engage your community.

Time spent: 5 minutes  


3.      Share valuable tips and advice


A newsletter shouldn’t focus only on your firm; it should also supply helpful information to recipients in order to be valuable reading material. Even something as simple as giving readers a heads up about a new law that might affect them—and what they can do to respond—can add value to your legal newsletter.

Time spent: 10 minutes


4.      Include feedback and photos from clients


On that same note, an e-newsletter is a great medium to showcase short testimonials or photos from clients. If a happy client sent in a thank you note for fighting for their Social Security disability benefits, for instance, then feel free to share it with the rest of your connections! Just be sure to receive permission to attribute their name to the quotation beforehand.

Time spent: 5 minutes


5.      Don’t forget contact information


In a sidebar or at the end of your legal newsletter, list the contact information for the best person to contact with questions or concerns.

Time spent: 5 minutes


The One-Hour Newsletter Strategy


The 55 minutes you’ll spend on the elements above might not produce a perfect, finalized e-newsletter, but they will leave you with a good one—all you need to do is edit and format. You can even cut down the time spent on the first draft if you simply share a post you’ve featured on your blog within the past month instead of crafting a new article.  Or, consider splitting up the pieces of the newsletter among members of your legal team, leaving you to edit and compile them at the end.

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