As a legal professional who may bill by the hour, you know that time is valuable. While some of your cherished time should be spent on marketing tasks that help to brand your firm and attract business, it shouldn’t be wasted on unproductive actions. The information below can help you make time for must-do attorney marketing tasks and ensure productivity.

1.      Make a content calendar

Devoting a few hours every three months to creating a comprehensive content calendar can save loads of time in the long run. Each week, you’ll know exactly what’s on the docket, keeping you on-task toward your specific attorney marketing and branding aims.

Turn off the phone, ignore email, and spend some time brainstorming content themes and ideas for the next three months. Pinpoint:

  • Your firm’s marketing goals, such as “add 100 warm leads to law firm’s email marketing list” or “increase Facebook followers by 10%.”
  • The most effective marketing actions for your particular firms goals; e.g., a personal injury practice that wants to increase Facebook followers by 10% should focus most of its attention on Facebook posts, advertising its Facebook presence across different mediums like email and holding regular Facebook contests with prizes. The firm can create a contest called “Who Deserves a Helping Hand?” for the months of June and July, which urges followers to nominate a person or family who is going through hard times due to an injury, and needs financial and legal assistance.
  • When to complete these actions; e.g., the personal injury firm hosting “Who Deserves a Helping Hand?” could post three times a week advertising the contest and sharing teaser snippets of submitted stories during the month of June. In early July, the firm posts all stories. The person/family that achieves the most likes and shares within two weeks receives pro-bono representation or a financial gift from the firm to help them through hard times.

2.      Schedule posts

Facebook, WordPress and other popular website/blog platforms, and Twitter all offer scheduling features that enable you to upload posts and dictate when they’ll go live.  Additionally, content management services like Buffer or Hootsuite can streamline these responsibilities.

Handle all of your social media needs for one week in a single chunk of time on Sunday or Monday (or even the week before), leaving you worry-free for the rest of the week.

3.      Spin content and utilize each piece to the fullest

Content for a Facebook contest, like in the example above, can also be made into an impactful email message or blog post. Transforming available content into pieces that can be shared across multiple platforms is an efficient time-saver and one way to make your attorney marketing efforts more productive, since it’s often easier to adapt existing content than craft completely new material.

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