When a majority of interactions with prospects and clients happen over email, social media, live chat, it’s easy to get caught up fulfilling all of your law firm’s marketing needs from behind the computer screen. Online interactions can no doubt be hugely beneficial to your attorney marketing efforts, but there are times when it’s necessary to shut down and do marketing offline in order to build a comprehensive legal marketing strategy.

When should you be stepping away from the computer screen? Read on to find out.

1.      Connecting with hard-to-reach prospects

Get out of the office and network with promising prospects at networking or industry events, philanthropic luncheons/dinners, community gatherings, or even drop-in prospecting appointments. This strategy can be effective for some hard-to-reach prospective clients that are consistently unresponsive to email, phone, and direct marketing.

Before attending any legal networking events, be sure to do your research regarding which events you should be putting on your calendar. For example, if an intellectual property law practice wants to connect with the in-house council of a large local organization, it could check the council’s LinkedIn page or ask mutual connects about his/her affiliations (or the organization’s affiliations), and then go to events hosted by or involving those associations in hopes of connecting.

Of course, it’s never good practice to fake an interest in a cause or organization just to reach a prospect and build rapport. However, if you do genuinely share interests with a potential client or an appreciation for similar philanthropic causes, take advantage of that common ground for attorney marketing purposes.

2.      Gathering video testimonials

Written testimonials are a must-have for your website, emails, and print pieces, but video testimonials can be ten times as powerful. If your personal injury practice, for instance, has several clients willing to appear on video to describe how much they enjoy working with your firm, step out from behind that computer screen and record their testimonials in comfortable locations that are significant to them and their personal stories.

3.      Completing philanthropic work and community service

If your law firm’s mission involves helping the local public, carve out time for community service once a quarter or every six months (and then feature photos of your projects on your legal website, blog, and social media pages). Connecting with locals in person and improving the community is not only great for the public and for your firm’s online branding, but it also provides opportunities to:

  • Gather feedback about marketing campaigns and overall client satisfaction;
  • Uncover what resonates with your firm’s audience so you can adjust the tone and content of your marketing accordingly;
  • Boost attorney morale and team engagement.

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