With the summer months come sunnier days and outdoor picnics, two things that Americans look forward to all year. These seasonal cornerstones also mean that your prospects and clients will probably spend less time in front of the computer and in the office, and less time interacting with your online content.

But wait—all hope is not lost. Here’s what to expect regarding summer Internet usage, and how to respond fluidly to these trends so your law firm’s marketing does not lose traction during the sunny months.


Expect Less Internet Traffic


Online retailers consistently report a summer slump and other industries experience it as well. Even those tried and true Internet users tend to engage online in a different way from June through August; according to Marketing Land, many choose to surf via mobile during the summer because it enables them to stay connected while enjoying the sunshine.

Overall, you’ll most likely see a change—quite possibly, a significant drop—in your online traffic during the summer, requiring you to employ the following tips and tricks.


Change Your Content Calendar


Although you may be tempted to produce less content due to decreased readership, don’t fall into that trap. Continue producing interesting and relevant content at the same rate, but consider altering your law firm’s online marketing calendar to cater to changing audience schedules.

For instance, a family and divorce law firm’s audience may consist largely of 30- to 40-year old parents with children out on summer break from June to August. These prospective clients will probably be taking summer vacations or using their evenings and weekends to spend time outdoors with their kids. The firm could try switching to morning posts during the summer, when more prospects may be checking email.

The overall lesson here: don’t be afraid to experiment with promoting content at different times during the day and week, and then using analytics to determine optimum times for your law firm’s marketing.


Explore Other Avenues  


Even if email marketing normally works for your practice, it may not achieve the same success as usual during the summer, when people tend to lag on checking their inboxes. Explore other avenues of legal marketing that you normally wouldn’t in order to reach your audience via a different path. Get involved in community associations and events, for example, in order to interact with potential clients in person.


Spend on Seasonal Promotional Items


Promotional items can go a long way toward keeping your brand in front of prospects and clients even when they’re distracted or out of the office. Here are a few seasonal ideas to pursue: mini sunscreen bottles branded with your logo, plastic sunglasses with your firm’s name on the frames, or reusable water bottles stamped with your firm’s name and mission statement.
The items don’t have to be expensive, they just have to be useful enough for prospects and clients to keep them around!
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