Shares, “likes,” comments: these are the new online currency and the lifeblood of any law firm’s social media presence. The higher the number of shares, the bigger your attorney blog content’s reach… and the bigger the reach, the greater your brand recognition.  If you’re wondering how to achieve that end goal, explore the following five strategies for politely urging readers to share your attorney blog content.

1.        Make it personal (in a good way)

Your firm can easily create loyal fans by customizing a handful of Tweets every week like “@twitterfan, we appreciate the retweet! We’re glad you found our post about ‘5 Ways to Get Out of Credit Card Debt’ valuable.” Or, “@twitterfan, thank you for following us! If there’s anything we can help you with, please reach out at 123-456-7891.”
Your firm’s followers will probably feel surprised and honored to receive personal recognition, which could translate into brand loyalty or at least a positive impression of your law firm’s client service philosophies.

2.        Include top-notch calls to action

A call to action is an excellent way to nudge readers toward next steps at the end of blog articles. Click here to read the James Attorney Marketing team’s secrets for writing irresistible calls to action.

3.        Remove obstacles to sharing

One truth of online attorney marketing: If it’s a hassle, people aren’t going to do it.  Therefore, remove obstacles that prevent readers from sharing. Does it take one too many steps to share content? Insert social media and email “share” buttons alongside or at the bottom/top of all posts for one- or two-click sharing.

4.        Dangle a carrot

Ideally, your law firm will create such engaging content that people can’t help but share it online and via email. In reality, however, many readers still need that extra push to share your attorney blog content. Prod them politely by dangling something enticing such as:

  • Exclusive access to special content like an informational video published by your practice
  • An audience seat in a Q & A webinar with an attorney from your firm
  • Their name in a raffle for prizes like gift cards or an iPad Mini

5.        Display the number of shares

This strategy works for a number of websites. Global media company Mashable, for instance, displays the number of article shares alongside the headline and header image on each post thumbnail, as well as directly underneath the headline in each article. It’s a strategic move—we’re hardwired to think “800 other people have shared this article? They have the right idea; I should share it, too!”

Even if your attorney blog articles don’t receive thousands of views like Mashable’s, your firm may see some positive traction by displaying the number of shares next to the “share” button within each article.

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