Article headlines are like the gatekeepers for your audience; if you can get readers past the article headline and actually reading the article, you’re that much closer to having a conversation and building a relationship. Consider the following five steps a quick reference guide for crafting brilliant article headlines for your attorney blog.

  1. Craft a draft headline

Brainstorm a draft headline that will act as a starting point to tweak in the next four steps. It should broadly describe your topic in a straightforward way. For instance, if a DUI defense firm wants to write an attorney blog post about a motorist’s rights when stopped on suspicion of DUI, it could start with the title “What Motorists Need to Know About Their Rights During a DUI Stop” or something of the sort.

  1. Determine your audience

Next, determine who you’re trying to reach. Who are you hoping to appeal to? In the example above, perhaps the DUI defense firm wants to reach drivers 26 to 35 years old with an interest in protecting their civil liberties, or who feel that their civil liberties may have been infringed upon. Either way, the firm’s target audience determines the tone and language of the title.

  1. Tweak the angle

Once you’ve nailed down your target audience, it’s time to tweak the existing title. In the example above, the DUI defense firm could change the title from “What Motorists Need to Know About Their Rights During a DUI Stop” to “5 Personal Rights to Protect During a DUI Stop.”  Or, the attorney blog writers could take an entirely different route with something like “How to Act at a DUI Checkpoint.”

  1. Tie in SEO however possible

Make your attorney blog article more visible online by bumping up the title’s SEO factor. If the DUI defense firm receives the greatest traction from keyword phrases like “fight DUI” (or would like to rank higher on that phrase), editing the title from “5 Personal Rights to Protect During a DUI Stop” to “Fighting a DUI: 5 Personal Rights to Protect During a Stop” could be helpful.

  1. Chop for email and social media appeal

Where will you be advertising this article? If you’ll be posting on Twitter or sending via email later, you’ll want to make sure that the title fits within space constraints: 140 characters for Twitter (keep in mind that the link to the article will take up some of this space as well) and roughly 50 characters for an email subject line.

If the DUI defense firm’s attorneys wanted to shorten their existing article title, they could chop it down to “Fighting a DUI: 5 Personal Rights to Protect at a Stop” or even “Fighting a DUI: 5 Rights to Protect During a Stop,” which is less than 50 characters with spaces.

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