You may already know that a greater number of inbound links (hyperlinks back to your attorney website from outside sites) can help your webpage rank higher on search engine results. But did you know that it’s not all about numbers when it comes to inbound links?  Amassing a ton of mediocre links is not likely to achieve great results and could actually damage your SEO efforts.

Rather, use the following strategies to achieve a higher number of valuable inbound links to your attorney website—quantity and quality—and improve your SEO.

  1. Assess resources

High-quality inbound links come from high-quality sources. When building your stock of inbound links, assess the resources at your disposal and work up from there. What other firms or businesses are you connected to? Do you belong to any legal associations, community organizations, or volunteer groups?

All of these connections can open up dozens of websites that link to your attorney website. For example, if you contribute a post or column for your local legal organization’s blog or newsletter, you could ask that alongside the article they feature a brief author biography containing a link to your firm’s website, or your firm’s logo in the sidebar linking back to your webpage.

  1. Make and use connections

Inbound links from small attorney sites can help improve your ranking but they’re not as beneficial as larger, more highly ranked sites. Don’t be afraid to think big and go after links from more established sites with thousands of visitors. For example, a criminal defense firm in Los Angeles, California could seek inbound links from the Los Angeles Times by lending their expertise on a story published on the newspaper’s website, and hyperlinking back to their attorney website.

Cultivating those relationships with media contacts, in addition to associations and organizations you may already belong to (see #1 above), can do wonders for not only link building, but branding, marketing, and lead development as well.

  1. Guest post

While not as effective of an SEO solution as it once was thanks to Google algorithm updates in recent years, guest posting on other blogs can push traffic toward your website while also delivering value to readers and potentially capitalizing on existing audiences. Don’t rely on guest posting as your number one link building strategy, but there’s nothing wrong with implementing it alongside other options for some free advertising.

  1. Barter

In addition to guest posting, try bartering or exchanging with other sites for a mutually beneficial relationship.  For instance, offer to feature their webpage on your attorney website if they return the favor.

  1. Create first-rate content

One of the best and simplest ways to grab more inbound links is to create sticky content that people want to share and link to. The more “shares,” the greater the number of links directed toward your attorney website. Switch it up with articles, interviews, infographics, images, and videos to see what appeals most to your audience.

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