To most e-commerce platforms, a well-cultivated email list is worth its weight in gold. This is no less true for law firms, who can experience notable benefits from gathering more email subscribers:


  • Greater brand awareness;
  • Increased referrals;
  • Higher client satisfaction;
  • And more!


Your firm might already have a good base of email addresses or you could be starting from square one—whatever the case, the following legal web marketing tips can assist you in attracting more email subscribers.


1.      Make friends with bloggers and legal marketers.


Reach out to legal bloggers and ask if they’d be interested in occasionally letting you guest post, as well as contributing to your firm’s blog every once in a while. This can help to increase your name recognition among readers who have already demonstrated an interest in content similar to yours. Of course, be sure to link back to your firm’s page within your author bio!
Other places to make connections beneficial to your legal web marketing efforts: networking events and conferences.


2.      Keep mobile viewers in mind.


More and more Internet users are choosing to surf the Internet and check email on their smartphones and tablets. Don’t leave them by the wayside! Optimize your website for mobile viewing to ensure that mobile users can easily navigate your site and enter their email addresses into an opt-in field, and be sure all email images and layouts work well for smaller screens.


3.      Make the opt-in field engaging.


Featuring an opt-in field in the sidebar of your website can accrue email subscribers, but it’s probably not going to get your firm very many. To really see results, try other legal web marketing strategies that make your opt-in field more engaging and visible.  For instance, arrange to have an opt-in pop-up box show in the center of the page when a visitor lands on your blog.
Also, include calls to action at the conclusion of each blog post such as: “Like the post you just read? Sign up to receive email from Law Firm Name! We’ll send you free, valuable content and news about what’s going on at our firm—and no spam, we promise.”


4.      Offer something of value.


People love to receive free things. Offer a free e-newsletter full of valuable legal insights, a cache of insightful blog articles, or access to a promotion. An estate planning and trust law firm, for instance, can feature a free e-book full of smart saving and investing tips.


5.      Split test to see what works best.


Try placing your opt-in field in another area of your website, altering button colors, or experimenting with various calls to action. Then, split test to see how visitors respond based on the amount of traffic and conversions. You may be surprised to see that one legal web marketing strategy works much better than others.

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