You dedicated the time to crafting stunning email templates, maybe even hiring a web designer to perfectly represent your law firm’s skill set and brand. You built a valuable list of leads to contact via email and sent at the most optimal times. You sat back and waited for the response, confident in your hard work… And all you heard were crickets. Responses barely trickled in.

What happened?  It may have everything to do with your subject line. Don’t risk your emails going unopened—craft subject lines that catch your readers’ attention using the tips below!

1.      Avoid “red flag” verbiage.

Quick law firm marketing tip: you may already know that the word “free” should be avoided at all costs (it’s nearly guaranteed to route your email right to recipients’ spam boxes), but did you know that there are a handful of other words to exclude from your subject line vernacular? According to the email marketing service provider MailChimp, terms like “percent off” and “help,” and “reminder” will not trigger spam filters in the same way that “free” does, but they will lead to a noticeable decrease in open rates.

2.      Keep it under 50.

Most legal marketers make it a habit to keep subject lines fewer than 50 characters, as emails with subject lines within this constraint tend to be more widely read than those with longer phrases.

3.      Mention that you’re neighbors.

Most people care more about the happenings in their neighborhood than somewhere across the world. Similarly, featuring a geographic location in your law firm’s email marketing can help to increase readership rates. Try “5 new laws that Nashville residents need to know,” for example, if you’re a firm located in the Nashville metropolitan area.

4.      Don’t be a stranger.

Although this isn’t strictly a subject line best practice, it’s still a valuable law firm marketing tip: be sure to include a name in the “From” line that would be familiar to recipients, and remain consistent over the long run so readers become accustomed to receiving communications from that person. For example, recipients should see emails from their case manager(s) or even the office manager, if that person contacts clients the most regularly. Another option is to simply have your law firm name in the “From” line. Inside the email, include the email signature of the person that can help answer the recipient’s questions and concerns.

5.      Iterate rather than recycling.

Law firms sometimes find legal email newsletters more challenging than regular email marketing campaigns. That’s because recipients become bored with reading the same old content. If you are crafting new content for each newsletter (you should be in order to achieve marketing and branding success!), then your subject line should be fresh as well—be sure to whip up a new phrase to pique readers’ interest and prevent your newsletters from appearing stale.

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