They say that “time is money” for a reason: the statement tends to hold true, at least in the legal industry. When you and your team have to balance a heavy case load, bring in new clients, and network with fellow professionals and businesses, you don’t have time and resources to waste on marketing processes that could be efficiently automated.

The information below demonstrates several powerful ways to automate your law firm’s marketing processes in order to strengthen your marketing strategy while saving valuable time, and your sanity.


1.      Schedule Social Media Posts


You have better things to do than be chained to a desk waiting to push social media posts live at the right times. Schedule your posts ahead of time to ensure that they go out when they need to, without oversight.

Not sure how to automate social media posts? Check out the platform’s help center or user portal to find out the best, most up-to-date way to do so.


2.      Implement A/B Testing


A/B testing your website’s landing page or another important webpage is a great way to determine which layout, design, or content results in greater:


  • Leads gathered
  • Time spent on the page
  • Page engagement


With A/B testing, website visitors randomly view one of two page options that you’ve set to display. After a while, your law firm’s marketing team will have enough data to conclude which option pays off for your firm.


3.      Gather and Qualify Leads


If your firm is serious about gathering leads via email opt-in fields and other options on your website or within emails, you may already have a way to dump that data into spreadsheets or an email marketing service provider.

If so, take it a step further and sync things with a customer relationship manager (CRM) system to make your life easier and qualify your leads as they get further into the sales cycle. For instance, you’ll have the ability to establish triggers that push leads from the “cold” list to the “lukewarm” one if they hit a specific threshold like 5 website visits.


4.      Cue Tailored Email Content


In addition to lead gathering, automating email marketing is another way to save time while ensuring that your law firm’s marketing strategy stays on track. Using a marketing automation service or a third-party email management system with automation features, your firm can send email content that is appropriate to specific users, increasing the chances that they’ll resonate with your email and move forward in the sales process.

For example, if a potential client downloads a free white paper on new tax law updates, that could automatically trigger an email sent to them regarding similar content such as blog posts about upcoming tax law changes (the email could also include an offer for a free consultation and discount on services for a limited time, for extra oomph).

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