If your firm is enthusiastic about marketing, you’re probably well aware of Facebook’s power. You may be diligently posting on social media multiple times per week (or even several times per day) in an effort to engage your audience including prospects, clients, former clients, and business and press contacts.

When it comes to making an impact on Facebook, there are several types of posts that should be on your law firm’s social media page in order to achieve a high level of engagement and avoid treading water. Read on to discover exactly the kind of content that your firm’s page shouldn’t be without.

1.      Videos relevant to your audience.

According to the social media analytics website Socialbakers, videos are the latest Facebook craze. Already a successful media on other social media sites like Vine and YouTube, videos are now seeing increased marketing success on Facebook; Socialbakers’ research determined that between October 2014 and February 2015 alone, video posts achieved an organic reach of nearly 9%.

Consider building videos for your law firm’s social media page centered on the following topics.

  • Why your attorneys love what they do—a “meet and greet” with your firm’s team
  • Testimonials from satisfied clients
  • Educational talks including those done at philanthropic or community events
  • Question and answer sessions about pressing topics or common issues
  • Legal commentary on current events

Mike_morse_law_firmFor example, the post to the right is featured on the Facebook page of Mike Morse Law Firm, a personal injury practice located in Southfield, MI, and displays a brief yet touching client testimonial video with one of Mike’s clients.  Simple and well-made, it encapsulates the firm’s mission and humanizes the brand, which could push viewers to consult Mike and his team (or at least recommend the practice to others they know).

 2.      Striking images that portray your brand.

Think about what catches your eye when scrolling through your law firm’s social media feeds—it’s probably the images more than anything else. Include a variety of images alongside engaging text in order to draw attention to your posts. For instance, if your criminal defense law practice represents itself as a compassionate group of attorneys committed to helping people through rough times, photos of the team having fun while hosting free informational seminars throughout the community can be just one vehicle to showcase your firm’s passions, workplace culture, and involvement within the local area.

3.      Links to informational content.

This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your firm’s blog posts or links to helpful information hosted elsewhere. Just be sure to include a brief blurb to showcase the informational value to the reader right off the bat, like the Divorce Collaborative LLC (out of Medway, MA) did in the Facebook posts below.

facebook_1 facebook_2

4.      Infographics

Readers love infographics because they combine the visual appeal of photos with the informational strength of articles. Additionally, they can showcase your wealth of knowledge in a fun, engaging way and make your law firm’s social media posts stand out from the crowd. Practices that do not possess the resources to craft well-designed infographics should consider reaching out to a marketing partner for assistance.

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