If your firm struggles to achieve marketing milestones, you understand how frustrating it can be to set aside time, envisioning where you’d like to be, only to find yourself floundering a short time later.  The trick to arriving at your ideal marketing destination is to establish achievable marketing goals that provide a pathway to success.

Explore the following four steps in order to establish truly attainable attorney marketing goals, and stop the cycle of frustration and failure.


1.      Know Where You Are


Author Terry Pratchett wisely wrote: “If you do not know where you come from, then you don’t know where you are, and if you don’t know where you are, then you don’t know where you’re going. And if you don’t know where you’re going, then you’re probably going wrong.”

Take a long, hard look at your attorney marketing goals and analytics within the past year/six months/quarter. Check out your firm’s ROI on online and direct marketing, your social media presence and engagement, and your overall direction. Do you see any progress? Is the direction you’re headed driving business and furthering your brand? If you aren’t seeing results with the current trajectory that you’ve been on for a while, it’s time to think about changing paths.


2.      Choose the Right Things to Focus on


It’s impossible to focus on everything at one time. Choose a handful of attorney marketing elements that are most likely the greatest drivers of business for your firm, and concentrate on them alone. For instance, does your DUI defense firm connect with most of its clients due to social media marketing? Analyze which social media platform(s) is/are the most impactful and then concentrate on growing that audience and promoting engagement.

Similarly, a criminal defense practice that experiences the most traction from referrals could put “revamp referral program” at the top of its list, and craft some informative emails, flyers, and social media posts centered on spreading the word.


3.      Employ the Goldilocks Standard


When setting attorney marketing goals, you don’t want them to be too easy or too challenging… your attorney marketing goals should be just right. After sifting through your analytics and choosing which elements to focus on in the steps above, estimate where to set your sights.

If your email open rate hovered around 3% within the past six months, you could realistically grow it to an average 5% within the next six months, for example. Don’t hesitate to stretch and challenge yourself or your team, but keep in mind that setting goals that are too lofty merely damages morale.


4.      Set a Realistic Timeline


Additionally, be sure to set a realistic timeline for any attorney marketing goals you set. Expecting to grow your social media following from 100 followers to 1,000 in one month is obviously improbable. Achieving that within 1 year using several social media campaigns is a more realistic, yet still challenging, goal.

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