Lead generation acts as the heart of your law firm, pumping new business into your practice so you can keep the lights on. As something so essential to the success of your practice, lead generation can’t be left to wither and die on the vine. If you’re seeing a decrease in the number of leads coming your way, implement these lead generation ideas to revitalize your lead generation strategy and enhance your attorney marketing efforts.


1.      Redesign your call to action


A good call to action on your website’s homepage and within blog posts can generate a steady stream of leads for your practice… but only if it catches attention. Take a look at the call to action on your website and assess: does it pop out to you when you squint your eyes?  Known as the “squint test,” this assessment can help you determine if your call to action button is noticeable enough to produce results. If that box or banner isn’t the most eye-catching thing on the page when squinting, redesign it until you can’t help but see it.

While redesigning, keep in mind that the best calls to action are compelling, simple, and concise. Keep things basic—include only the most necessary form fields for gathering essential information, and feature as few distracting details and buttons as possible.


2.      Make an offer they can’t refuse


Whether it’s a video sharing some valuable legal advice or top-rated blog posts, offer something that people really want—in exchange for an email address to store for attorney marketing purposes, of course. For instance, your divorce law firm could offer a free video of the ins and outs involved in filing bankruptcy and receiving alimony payments, and enable users to watch it after entering their email address.


3.      Try paid social media advertising


Your firm can experience significant traffic from free social media activity, but sometimes shelling out a bit of cash can take you to the next level of lead generation. Look into Facebook ads for your attorney marketing, which can be incredibly affordable compared to newspaper advertisements—just a few dollars per click. Promoting Tweets on Twitter is another option.

While these shouldn’t be your first go-to options, particularly if you’re on a shoestring budget, they can be something to reinvest in every once in a while to inject some life into your leads lists.


4.      Write evergreen material


Evergreen content is material that remains continuously relevant to readers. Crafting evergreen text can not only cut down on the amount of work you have to do later (since you’ll have a cache of fresh content to spin rather than completely rewriting), but it also helps to consistently attract traffic and leads for months and even years, essentially maximizing the return on your attorney marketing investment.

Therefore, consider evergreen potential when deciding whether to write about a certain topic. A post about bankruptcy trends during the Great Recession, for example, won’t remain as constantly valuable as one about the five most common mistakes to avoid when filing bankruptcy.

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