Of all the pages on your website, which do you think is the most important and compelling to viewers? The blog page? The one containing contact information? Actually, it might be your lawyer bio page. An often overlooked aspect of law firm webpages compared to elements like testimonials or awards, a well-written and engaging lawyer bio feature can be the tipping point, transforming prospects into clients.

Check out the following suggestions for crafting a compelling lawyer bio, and apply this knowledge when taking a second look at the bio(s) featured on your law firm’s website and marketing pieces!

Integrate Your Brand Differentiators

The voice of your bio(s) should jive with your brand and represent what differentiates you from the crowd. If your criminal defense firm is one of a handful of major criminal defense practices in your local market, why should a prospective client choose you over your competitors?  Whether you have the friendliest lawyers, an unbeatable record of success winning tough cases, or a reputation for clear and constant communication with clients, your biggest differentiator(s) should be integrated into the bios on your law firm’s website and print pieces in order to stand out!

Consider this sample bio that showcases the approachability of the firm’s attorneys: Michael isn’t just known for being the ultimate morning person around our firm, but also the resident coffee connoisseur. While sipping hot lattes, he manages to help clients get the justice they deserve after being injured on the job. In fact, Michael’s success spearheading some of our firm’s most high-profile workers’ compensation cases resulted in his promotion to Managing Partner in January 2015… not that it’s gone to his head. He’s still the first one in the office, enthusiastically making life better for clients before the rest of the city has had their first cup of joe.  

Choose Your Voice and Keep it Consistent

Although the tone of the bio above might be a bit too informal for your firm, it could be perfect if your firm is known as a friendly, local boutique. The point is that the descriptions featured on your law firm’s website and marketing pieces should accurately represent your brand. If you’re a larger firm whose clients include prestigious businesses or high-profile clients, for example, you may want to steer clear of sounding too friendly. However, don’t be afraid to liven up your bios while accurately representing your firm’s unique brand and attitude; readers want to be engaged!

One last piece of advice: the tone and style of a bio featured on your law firm’s website should be consistent throughout, and also remain steady from bio to bio if you’re featuring multiple on your website. Piecemeal write-ups with jarring transitions or individual bios that don’t sound like the rest of the group can quickly lose a reader’s attention.

Include a Photo

While text can be descriptive and effective, people more easily recall images, so be sure to include a photo alongside your bio. Additionally, a high resolution photo can instantly set a good impression.

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