Research shows that the average website visitor spends 15 seconds or less looking at or engaging with a webpage after landing on it. A quarter of one minute isn’t a lot of time to catch a reader’s attention, but there are a few things your law firm website can do to increase the odds of visitors staying for longer, engaging with content, and converting to another stage of the sales cycle.

Below, find three tricks to help make your law firm website visitors stay longer than 15 seconds.

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1. Improve the loading speed

If your website takes ages to load, Internet users aren’t even going to wait for it to finish. Therefore, do a quick experiment to ensure that your website is loading quickly enough to retain a visitor’s attention: visit your law firm website from several different devices such as tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, and through search engines like Google and Bing.  There is also a myriad of tools to help analyze how quickly your webpage loads, from Google Analytics to websites like

If you notice any problems with loading speed after utilizing these resources and experimenting on your own, make it a priority fix.

2. Display an enticing offer

Since most web users are looking for something very specific on your site or maybe just assessing if something catches their eye, an enticing and well-placed offer can appeal to enough visitors to consistently increase your online traffic and visitor engagement.

Try featuring a Hello bar at the top of your law firm website; it’s a full-width bar spanning the top of a webpage that displays an offer or promising call to action. For example, a bankruptcy law firm could implement a Hello bar that reads “Download your free copy of our ‘How to Manage Crippling Debt’ e-Book. Click here.” Web users click on the bar and must enter their email address to receive the free e-Book, which accomplishes two things:

  • Accrues email subscribers for your email marketing list
  • Engages website visitors with your brand instead of allowing them to hop off your page after 15 seconds, never to return

Download our free guide and learn about the importance of key performance indicators (KPIs)

3. Vary newsworthy and evergreen content

Evergreen content—content that is continually relevant—should be a staple of your law firm website’s blog, however, catchy newsworthy content should also make a regular appearance. For example, the same bankruptcy law firm that utilized a Hello bar to accrue email subscribers above could also appeal to visitors with content like “ files bankruptcy. What He Did Wrong and Where He’ll Go From Here.”

While the content shouldn’t be gimmicky (no click-baiting!), it should capitalize on recent news that your law firm website visitors may have heard of. If a topic catches their interest, they’re most likely going to stay on your site to read the article and browse around instead of leaving after just a few seconds.

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