Likes solid testimonials, evergreen content is the marketing gift that keeps on giving. It consistently engages audiences and attracts readers days, months, and even years later.

Additionally, it can heftily decrease the amount of work on your plate, since high-quality evergreen content can be regularly “spun” (rewritten in a unique way for SEO purposes), pushed out again to social media and other marketing avenues, and refreshed when the time is right. Here are three simple ways to craft evergreen content for your attorney blog.

1.      Choose the right topics

If the bulk of your clients come asking about the essential things they need to know before filing bankruptcy, you should know what kind of material regularly interests audiences—content like ‘how do I know if bankruptcy is right for me?’ content. Blog articles focused on current events have their time and place and can be useful in generating buzz, but don’t expect them to demonstrate the same long-term benefits as evergreen ones.

2.      Strive for the classic, not the temporary

Avoid anything having its 15 minutes of fame such as hot new business terms, social media trends, and data with a short shelf life (quarterly unemployment figures, for instance). Instead, opt for a general tone and style that will continue to appeal to all of your attorney blog’s readers for years to come, and be sure to utilize long-term data like that from the U.S. Census Bureau.

This doesn’t mean that your firm cannot take advantage of influential marketing trends such as infographics, or the latest data. Try creating an infographic highlighting the most up-to-date information and post it to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with a link to the evergreen postings on your attorney blog. The eye-catching infographics can garner attention and redirect it toward your site—an ideal mix of old charm and fresh appeal.

3.      Highlight holidays, seasons, or relevant events

Why do so many singers produce Christmas albums? Because Christmas comes every year, giving them an opportunity to sell their albums over and over while putting in little additional effort.

Apply this philosophy to your attorney blog by thinking about what types of events or seasons occur once or twice a year that would appeal to your audience. Fall and winter holidays tend to be a busy period for DUI defense firms, for instance, while personal injury practices could focus on summer fire season.

If your firm produces content that can be reused and recycled for these important holidays or time periods, it’s well on its way to cultivating an attorney blog with online appeal all year around.

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