A recent Local Consumer Review Survey found that more than 70% of Internet users lend as much credibility to online reviews as personal recommendations, and 52% reported that they are more likely to go to a local business based on favorable online reviews. What’s the key takeaway here? Client testimonials can be your best friend in terms of legal marketing. Leverage them to their fullest potential on your lawyer website by following these suggestions.


Experiment with Rotating Testimonial Sidebars


Your law firm website might well be your most frequently viewed marketing piece. After all, it’s probably the go-to destination for people looking to find information about your practice. With all those eyes on your webpage, including testimonials is a must. Try featuring small testimonial snippets in a rotating sidebar on your lawyer website homepage or including a link to a dedicated testimonial subpage from the main page.


Make a Movie


Videos are extremely powerful at hitting a message home, just one of the reasons that video marketing has increased in popularity in recent years. If you’re thinking that your firm doesn’t have the resources necessary to create a compelling video, think again! With the availability of camera phones and webcam software like Skype, testimonial videos do not need to be very involved productions.

Here are just a few options for creating testimonial videos:


  • If satisfied clients regularly come into your office (for instance, to fill out follow-up paperwork), consider making a computer station and private room at your firm available for gathering testimonial videos. They can sit down and record a brief video about what they specifically appreciate about your firm. Then, host a cache of these videos on your website.
  • Hire a videographer to make a short video compilation of compelling client stories. For instance, your personal injury firm can ask people to talk about how their lives improved after working with the practice to receive the disability benefits they deserved.
  • Utilize videos from other sources—if your firm is featured in a local news piece, for instance, ask permission to use it on your lawyer website.

Link to Social Media


Your law firm’s Yelp and Glassdoor pages are the ideal places to showcase how clients feel about the services you’ve provided and how coworkers feel about the overall environment and culture at your firm, respectively. With these platforms, reviewers have done nearly all the work for you… all you have to do is share their words!
Take the best testimonials from your pages and spread them to your lawyer website or in marketing emails. Don’t forget to include buttons that route to your Yelp and/or Glassdoor page(s), as well as your social media platforms.

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