Goals are the compass for our marketing actions—they ensure that we stay focused on the right tasks and are hopefully headed toward improvement. There’s no better time to set new goals than in a new year! Here are the three lawyer marketing goals you should be setting for the upcoming year, and the tools to best measure your progress along the way.

  1. The right resources toward the right avenues

Efficiently managing your marketing budget means maintaining a delicate balance: dedicating just the right amount of funds and time to each of the most profitable avenues for your firm. If your firm hasn’t already determined which avenues are the most cost-effective marketing strategy, this upcoming year is the time to do it.

Take a look at this year’s marketing spend and pinpoint where you received the highest response. Did your website result in the greatest traction, or did mailing print pieces result in an upswing of business?

Once you pore over this year’s figures to determine your most (and least) profitable lawyer marketing pathways of this year, take that knowledge into next year. Focus more resources on those effective marketing strategies while minimizing the resources funneled to poor performers.

Tools to Use:

  • Google Analytics is an extremely helpful tool for online analysis. The free and Premium versions both provide access to campaign analysis and other valuable data.
  • Additionally, timely surveys like questionnaires polling clients about how they heard of your firm could be invaluable in determining which avenues are getting business through the door.
  1. Engage the right followers

Don’t be one of those firms that has 1,000 Facebook followers but zero engagement. Rather, in the upcoming year, focus on engaging a smaller number of the right followers by employing campaigns targeted at your core audience, and observing engagement levels. Analyze:

  • Who participates?
  • Among which groups do you see the highest engagement?
  • Which campaigns perform best?

Tools to Use:

  • When analyzing campaign performance, social media dashboards can tell you a lot. For instance, check out your Facebook for Business dashboard and observe when you see the greatest spikes in engagement.
  • Additionally, your email marketing service probably provides analytics regarding open rates and click rates.
  1. Transform followers into revenue

Your goal list for the new year should include weekly, monthly, and quarterly performance assessments. These appointments on your calendar will be constant reminders to ask: is this resulting in business for our firm, and a steady stream of revenue?
Tools to Use:

  • Whichever goal-tracking or project management system you employ, alongside your financial statements outlining marketing spend and revenue.

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