You have probably experienced it at some point while perusing the Internet: a little box pops up on a site’s homepage advertising its live chat feature, prompting you to connect with knowledgeable professionals standing by to answer any questions you may have. Live chat continues to gain popularity as more law firms uncover the benefits of the instant client service tool: cost-effectiveness, real-time connection to a knowledgeable legal professional, a human element without the commitment of a phone call.

Live chat can be a client service game changer for your firm, as long as you make the proper preparations before launching. Read on to learn the elements that you should proactively address when implementing a live chat support feature on your law firm’s website.

1.      Who is going to spearhead the initiative.

Do you or your firm’s attorneys or office managers have the ability to address live chat questions whenever they come in? Or, is it smarter to outsource this to a live chat support provider who possesses the time, resources, and experience to efficiently manage your client service needs? This is the first issue to address when considering a live chat addition to your law firm’s website.

2.      Standard verbiage.

Whether handling live chat support in-house or via a third-party, it’s important to discuss acceptable verbiage and set basic guidelines regarding how your firm interacts with live chat users.  For instance, your practice could standardize how to enter and exit every conversation.  Additionally, a personal injury law office might brainstorm a list of frequently asked questions such as:

  • How long will it take my case take from open until close?
  • Do I need hospital records detailing my injuries?
  • Will you take my case if I was injured more than 6 months ago?

Discussing these questions ahead of time allows everyone to agree upon standard answers in order to ensure consistency.

 3.      A plan to engage them afterward.

Prospects who reach out over live chat are already engaging with your law firm’s website and interested in your law firm’s services, so take full advantage—don’t just let them disappear! Jump on the opportunity to draw them in one more time.

Perhaps you offer a free item of value, such as an eBook containing answers to common client questions. This not only leaves prospects with something that is branded with your logo and look, but also provides them with helpful informational that could bring them back around to consulting your firm.

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