In 2014, you undoubtedly did your fair share of tweeting, posting, and blogging to both build your firm’s brand, and maximize lead generation.

However, if you didn’t spend a lot of time checking in to see how your branding efforts were being received, 2015 will be a pivotal time to do so. Why? Because brand-building is getting much more critical amid the onslaught of social media and digital marketing saturation.

Here are a few ways to help you take stock of your firm’s branding efforts in the New Year to stay on the pulse of what your target audience wants, and needs, to see from their law firm.

1. Ask Client’s For Feedback—Directly

The best way to find out how clients feel about your firm is to ask them. Let your clients know that you’re serious about how your firm’s image is being conveyed through your branding efforts. This will help you gauge what isn’t working, and compound upon what is.

2. Use Opinion Surveys

Online services like Survey Monkey and Google Consumer Surveys offer great ways to create sets of questions that potential and actual clients can answer online. Surveys can provide valuable insight into how users regard your firm, your services, and your marketing efforts—which can translate into strategic brand-building ideas.

TIP: Be specific as possible with survey questions, such as “Did our firm name influence your decision to hire us?,” and “What do you think of our reputation, both on and offline?,” etc. Keep questions clear and direct. Vague questions can lead to misunderstandings, and result in inaccurate data.

DOUBLE TIP: No one really likes to do surveys, unless they’re super pumped about giving your firm stellar reviews, or not so stellar. For the average survey taker, make it worth their effort by providing giveaways, such as a free document upload that you’d usually charge for, or an extended phone consultation.

3. Research Other Firm Reviews

Spend quality time searching for and reading reviews of other firms online. This is a great way to not only recognize problems in your own customer service processes, but actions that you’re doing superbly well—and can build upon and market accordingly.

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