Lead conversion can be a law firm’s best friend… and worst enemy. A high lead conversion rate means consistent new business routing to your practice while a low conversion percentage leaves you struggling to put new clients on the books.

It does not have to eat up substantial time or money—the truth of the matter is that your law firm’s lead conversion strategy can be simple yet effective. Just avoid these common legal marketing mistakes that could be killing your law firm’s lead conversion rate!


Mistake #1: Presenting the Same Marketing Material to All Leads


Even if your firm only sells one service—let’s say it is legal assistance with personal injury cases—that does not mean that all leads coming into your practice will respond to the same type of communication. This might be due to several reasons:


  1. They occupy different states in the sales cycle—some have done their research and are ready to start working with your bankruptcy firm while others are unsure about filing bankruptcy (either because they are wary of consulting an attorney or unaware of what your firm can do for them, for example).
  2. Each lead has a different personality and way in which they prefer to receive communication. For instance, one lead might like to receive a more casual email inquiry about a free consultation while another lead would prefer a professional phone call.


The lesson here is that failing to customize your legal marketing strategy and content per lead results in failed lead conversion. Customization may take more time and effort on the front end but it can also lead to a much greater payoff than generic marketing campaigns.


Mistake #2: Hiding Your Most Appealing Offers and Promotions


If you have found that marketing emails containing an offer for a free white paper consistently receive a great response, take note and prominently feature that offer on other platforms as well. Place a large banner on your website so that it immediately catches visitors’ attention or include that offer in a pop-up box containing an email form field.

If you can trade something of value for a prospect’s email address and more information about them, such as what types of legal services they might be interested in and whether they’ve consulted on their case with a law firm in the past, then your firm’s legal marketing and lead conversion strategies are on the right track.


Mistake #3: Not Doing Your Research


A huge portion of lead conversion involves analyzing data: what prospects are clicking on, which email campaigns receive the highest open and click through rates and which result in the greatest unsubscribe rates, the types of keyword phrases being searched most often on Google, when your website receives the greatest amount of traffic, etc. Use tools such as Google Analytics and email marketing analytics programs to do your due diligence, and put your law firm on track toward turning leads into clients.

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